Topless Photo Got This Model’s Instagram Taken Down

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A glamour model from Sweden named Pixee Fox recently had her popular Instagram account taken down due to a topless photo. However, the picture actually wasn’t of her, it was of her laptop computer.

You see, Pixee Fox does a funny video series called “Silicone vs Silicon” in which her computer routinely outsmarts her. As part of a gag, after the model declined to go topless, the laptop showed her how it’s done.

The video was actually quite funny. Unfortunately, Instagram didn’t find the humor and took down her account. But thankfully for her 62,000 followers, her account was eventually reinstated.

Instagram’s censorship procedure appears to be getting more ridiculous by the day. Cartoon boobs are now enough to delete an account? That’s rather pathetic, if you ask me.

But let’s get back to what’s important here: Pixee Fox and her sexiness. Here’s an album of her hottest pics. At the end, we have embedded the video that got her in trouble.

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  • Bronson Justice

    I wish it were a real topless photo!

  • heartwormer

    was there an article, all i saw were boobs

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