Lamar Odom Paid This Girl $3,000 at Love Ranch

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Prior to the apparent drug binge that led to the former NBA player nearly dying at the Love Ranch, Simone Sinclair got paid a cool $3,000. As you can see in the 13 pics below, Lamar Odom definitely has good taste. This woman used to do videos but now she has moved on to taking on customers in Nevada. Considering she made thousands for what likely amounted to only a couple hours of work (at most), you have to respect her hustle.

(To see all 13 Simone Sinclair images, be sure to hit the right arrow at the bottom of the picture.)

The good news is that Odom is improving health-wise. While he’s still listed in critical condition, reports indicate that he’s breathing on his own, talking to loved ones and able to make physical movements. Let’s hope that he gets back on his feet ASAP and gets back to having fun in Nevada, if that’s what he chooses. But, please, Lamar, no more illegal substances. We don’t want to see you go too early. This was a close enough call as it is.

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