Political Correctness Taken to the Extreme: “Hard Worker” Now Offensive

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Wed, Oct 28 - 6:20 am EDT | 2 years ago by
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With presidential candidates including Donald Trump leading a pushback against overreaching political correctness, here’s a video that will surely add some fuel to the fire. As you will see, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was apparently triggered by the phrase “hard worker” and went into a diatribe explaining why that term is offensive. It sounds as if she’s somehow trying to connect the term “hard worker” to slavery. Here’s the video so you can witness this political correctness gymnastics yourself:

Her reaction is so out of left field that it’s difficult to find the logic behind her statement. At first she hints about slavery and then switches the topic to single mothers. According to Ms. Harris-Perry, though, it sounds like a politician is incapable of being a hard worker. In fact, it sounds like she wants to ban the phrase “hard worker” completely.


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