After Paris: ISIS-Enablers are Spineless Sea Slugs, Student Activists are Giant Babies

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Riposte Modernism - Paris

After I wrote my latest article on the hard but viable answer to fighting Islamism, it was mostly well-received – but of course I had some people insist “we can’t criticize Islam,” while others insisted that “all Muslims are the enemy.”

Most of the people saying the latter just haven’t really looked at how many people and groups are trying to fight Islamism in the Muslim world. I understand your point of view, but you’re wrong. I’m going to side with the hot Kurdish warrior babes that are blowing the brains off ISIS goons on this one. All Muslims are not the same.

Kurdish female troops
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And for those assholes who said to “kill them all, from the toothless grandmother to the tiniest baby,” congratulations, your position on the value of human life is ideological inseparable from ISIS. You are exactly as bad a type of human garbage as they are.

But you know, at least I get that sort of primal chimp-like instinct to have a tribe, to lash out at the other and to want to kill if you are under threat. Whatever pretend religious or social or political trappings you want to put on it, that’s what it’s about and I can sympathize. It comes down to a very human thing: you see innocents massacred and you want to see some motherf*ckers dead.

But what kind of invertebrate sees innocents being butchered and wants to rush to protect and make excuses for the butchers?!

Both reactions are wrong, but one is instinct while the other is a very special kind of planned treasonous cowardice.

People like this human worm, who wants us all to know that ISIS are just people who “really care about their community.”

So to those of you who say “we can’t criticize Islam,” I’ll say this: Just watch me.

You are a special kind of sea slug. You abandon everything you believe in. Like some animals bite off and throw their own tails (or other body parts) at creatures that frighten them, you surrender your friends.

Every time you claim any criticism of Islamism is “Islamophobia,” you are helping ISIS and Friends to murder Muslims who are democrats, free-thinkers, women’s rights advocates, mystics, homosexuals, reformers, secularists, dissidents, religious or cultural minorities, and other people who share values with us in the West.

Of course, the people who say “all Muslims are equally bad” do that too. But you do it in a more spineless and cowardly way and so I have more disgust for you.

It’s hard for me to say, actually, which progressive imbeciles I find more repugnant in light of these attacks: the spineless sea-slug ISIS-enablers or the student “activist” giant babies who are having little tantrums all over social media about how no one is paying attention to their pretend tragedy now that a real one happened.

I mean, we always knew it was a pretend tragedy, what you mollycoddled mental infants were pushing. We always knew you were a bunch of narcissistic spoiled little monsters and that your sense of victimhood was absurd. When your leaders were the children of millionaires who had never had a day of want in their lives, it was obvious.

But there’s really nothing like seeing what actual tragedy looks like on a massive scale to remind people just how petty and petulant and infantile you all are. And to take all the attention away from you because now grownup things are happening!

And that’s made you so grumpy hasn’t it? Its so unfair that people are totally ignoring your utterly undeserved sense of persecution because a few French people are actually being persecuted to death by vicious killers!

It’s so unfair that people are making fun of your demands for Safe Spaces and Healing Circles while people in Paris were hiding in cellars to try to be safe from Jihadi gunmen, and survivors are facing the healing of surgeries and amputations for their bomb and bullet wounds.

But you know, posting to social media about how unfair it is that the media has stopped paying attention to you now that there’s a real grownup-people disaster happening just makes it clear that you’re hopelessly privileged whiny babies.

And when you claim that you not getting to censor any speech that feels uncomfortable to you is “equally messed up” as hundreds of people being murdered in a terrorist attack?

Well, that makes you a very special kind of asshole. A delusional entitled piece of sh*t, in fact.

So it’s hard for me to judge which is worse: the college-aged tantrum toddlers or the sea-slug ISIS-apologists. Mind you, a lot of them are the same people. Both of them show just how rotten our own civilization has become from the cancer of post-modernism. Because I’m pretty sure the most horrifying part is that most of the sea slugs really believe that there’s nothing better about our civilization’s values than the Islamists’ medieval theocratic savagery. And likewise, a lot of the spoiled little college rich kids really honestly do believe that their “suffering” is exactly as bad as being gunned down at a restaurant. That’s what post-modernist relativism has done to us: if there are no true values, then the poor little rich girl’s feelings that she’s being oppressed are just as “real” as the suffering of Kurdish women being sold into sex slavery by the Islamists.

And when these self-absorbed little creatures start demanding that we give up our freedom of speech, they become a cancer. They are fighting to take away what many people in the Muslim world are fighting desperately against the Islamist Jihadis to gain. They are betraying them, and us.

The danger to the West isn’t a gang of backward butchers with guns. The real danger to the West comes from within. No amount of Islamist terrorists will be able to destroy us. But these poisoned children just might.

Top photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Kasimir Urbanski doesn’t write on a specific subject; he’s EveryJoe’s resident maniac-at-large. A recovering Humanities academic and world-traveler, he now lives in South America and is a researcher of fringe religion, eastern philosophy, and esoteric consciousness-expansion. In his spare time he writes tabletop RPGs, and blogs about them at Follow Kasimir on Twitter @KasimirUrbanski.

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