Christie Chews Out Paul, Cruz, Rubio for Lack of Foreign Policy Experience

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    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has largely languished toward the bottom of the GOP primary polls, failing to make a broad impact in a race dominated by the likes of outspoken real estate mogul Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. However, Christie did not mince during an address at the Council of Foreign Relations, blasting three of his big-name Republican competitors for lacking the national security credentials necessary to serve as an effective president.

    GOP Presidential Candidate Chris Christie Speaks At The Council On Foreign Relations
    Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Christie took aim at Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, criticizing them for not living up to the standards that are expected of the nation’s leader in the realm of foreign policy. “We can’t afford to elect another president without the requisite experience that our founders enshrined in the Declaration and in the Constitution,” he said.

    “Less than one term in the United States Senate has proven to be woeful training — woeful training — to the Oval Office, especially when most of that term was spent running away from big issues and running towards the presidency,” Christie continued, drawing a thinly-veiled comparison between President Barack Obama, who was elected to the country’s highest office during his first Senate term, and the three Republican freshman senators.

    “We can’t abandon protecting America’s borders because the political heat gets too great, cannot cast a vote that’s subverts America’s national security and intelligence capability because its fashionable to do so at a time of seeming safety,” Christie added. “That’s not the type of leadership America needs in a dark and a dangerous world.”

    In most recent polls, Rubio and Cruz remain locked in a battle for third place behind Trump and Carson – each poised to gain support later in the race if voters flock to establishment candidates in lieu of the political newcomers. Paul, a staunch libertarian who has found himself in the middle of the pack for most of the race, seems to have drawn Christie’s ire for opposing the USA Freedom Act, which essentially extended the provisions of the then-expired Patriot Act.

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