Model Pixee Fox Has 6 Ribs Removed in Her Pursuit to Look Like Jessica Rabbit

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Pixee Fox has spent nearly $120,000 to transform herself from a beautiful woman to a stunning figure with huge breasts, a tiny waist and a doll-like face.

Originally hailing from Sweden, the model now lives in the U.S. When she was younger, her inspiration was cartoon characters like Tinker Bell… now, she wants to look like Jessica Rabbit. And her most recent surgery to remove six ribs made her very close to achieving that goal.

That’s right — Pixee Fox had six of her lower ribs removed in order to shrink her waist even further. After the painful procedure, her tiny waistline is just 16 inches but she’s hoping to shrink it even further to a record-breaking 14 inches. She wears a corset 24/7.

It’s estimated that Pixee has spent almost $120,000 on four rhinoplasties, four breast augmentations, two liposuctions, 2 blepharoplasties, one labiaplasty, one brow lift, one butt lift, cool-sculpting, cheek injections, lip injections, permanent makeup, and of course, the rib surgery.

She’s not done having surgery yet. The new year will bring more procedures for the buxom beauty, including butt and hip implants, eyelash implants and more. The 25-year-old believes that some people will get inspiration from her devotion to “the bimbo life.”

“My particular transformation is about achieving a total look, which requires head-to-toe transformation and total lifestyle commitment,” she explains.

Watch the video below to see details about Pixee’s body-altering rib surgery and learn more about her life. Click through this gallery to see more photos of Pixee Fox, and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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  • Bronson Justice

    I love her.

  • Charles

    I love her more

  • NDrewn

    omg disgusting…who does that to themselves

    • Bronson Justice

      you are probably fat

    • James

      Still pretty uncomfortable.

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  • Harry_the_Horrible

    That can’t be healthy.

  • Dj

    What is she supposed to be a model of?

  • Colonel Lingus

    I like a freaky girl, but that’s too much…even for me!

  • Bordeaux Vixen

    gotta hand it to her, her follow through is amazing

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