43 Funniest Hoverboard Fails on Christmas

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Without question, the hottest Christmas gift of 2015 was a hoverboard. These things have taken over the world and appear to be on the verge of making legs obsolete. However, there’s one issue with these hoverboards: a rather steep learning curve. It’s not nearly as simple as it looks.

As you will see in the following 43 videos, the result of the learning curve was a whole lot of funny fails taking place on Christmas. There were even reports of broken bones and other serious injuries. It’s safe to say a few of the people in these hoverboard crash videos ended up in the hospital.

While we never wish harm on anyone, we can be thankful that all of these were caught on tape. Without further ado, get ready to see hilarious fails and crashes that will keep you laughing throughout. To see all the footage, hit the right arrow to get started!

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  • Tootrue4you

    China wins the war without firing a shot.

  • libra8a .

    Number 36 was a hoot.

  • Kasimir Urbanski

    These are NOT hoverboards. They have WHEELS, goddamn it!

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