Rubio Vows to Back Constitutional Amendment in First Day as President

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    The Republican party platform and the drive for a smaller government have historically gone hand-in-hand, as demonstrated by the concerted GOP effort to shrink the federal government via a proposed constitutional amendment. Now, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has become the latest high-profile supporter of the proposal, one that would impose stricter term limits and other provisions as part of a widespread conservative movement.

    Rubio, who has consistently come in third place in Republican presidential primary national polls, officially confirmed his support for the push during a Tuesday campaign stop in the crucial early-voting state of Iowa. “My first day in office I will announce I am a supporter,” the junior lawmaker said, joining a number of conservative groups and state lawmakers in endorsing the proposal.

    At the center of the movement is the call for a convention as per Article V of the Constitution, which requires a national assembly when two-thirds of state legislatures file a so-called “application.” Thus far, at least 34 states – the minimum number for such a convention – have indicated support for the measure, but no cohesive coalition has managed to form amidst disputes over the specifics of various states’ petitions.

    While several politicians have expressed their support for a national assembly to amend the Constitution, opinions have varied as to what changes actually should be made. Rubio has gone on record as supporting the establishment of term limits for Supreme Court justices and members of Congress, as well as the creation of a congressional balanced-budget amendment.

    Rubio joins several fellow GOP presidential hopefuls in offering support to the movement, including Ohio Governor John Kasich, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Despite his endorsement of a constitutional amendment, Rubio has also cautioned that such a measure would have to be carried out carefully in order to adhere to the rest of the stipulations within the Constitution and to balance the self-interest of lawmakers with the need to affect systemic change.

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