Our Social Justice Armed Forces: Going to War

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Our Sparkly and Shiny New Social Justice Armed Forces1
Part III: Going to War (well, sort of)

Be sure to read Part I and Part II in this series.

Lines of Departure - Social Justice Armed Forces

What, you’re still here, Top? I thought you were retiring.

“I was, sir. But, what with the upcoming campaign, and this and that personnel management issue, all retirements are on indefinite hold. What that means, in practice, is no qualified male infantrymen are being let go for any reason short of death. They’ve threatened to use voodoo on those insufficiently alive, too.”

But the company looked at full strength last time I stopped by…hmmm…the barracks do seem a little quiet.

“Yes, sir, they’re quiet; nobody’s fucking for the nonce. Well, maybe the gay squad might be, after duty hours, but nobody else.”

Aha, so the threat of war was enough to turn the officers, non-coms, and men serious for a change?

“Not on your life, sir, nobody’s fucking because nearly all the straight females have found one way or another to bug out. Usually one way, actually. We’re down under eighty percent strength now, so deemed non-combat ready. There isn’t a combat ready line infantry company left in the army at the moment, not that you’ll read about that in the papers or see it on TV, mind you. No tanker or infantry companies, or engineer companies either. In the whole Army, not even one is manned enough for battle.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happened, Top?

“It started with Captain Sapho von Ruggenmunschen, actually. Though holding a slot in the battalion’s MTOE. The Modified Table of Organization and Equipment, she and all the other Zampolits got themselves classified as installation personnel, rather than MTOE personnel, so they’re not going anywhere. Probably ever. It’s sort of like the difference between a steel desk and a steel tank, actually; the steel desks stay home. The enlisted assistant Zampolits had the same favor done for them.”

“For the lower units it started at the top. Lieutenant Dainty, our lipstick lesbian executive officer, decided she wasn’t all that lesbian after all and held a very large scale social activity in the company dayroom every night for days until she tested positive for pregnancy. Being pregnant of course, she’s not going anywhere. But she sure set an example for the rest.

“It’s funny, actually, because there was a woman I knew as a lieutenant, straight women too, and good looking besides, who hid the fact she was five months pregnant so she could deploy with her platoon. They don’t mint too many like that though.”

No, I suppose not. But surely they can’t all have gotten pregnant that fast.

“Not all, sir, no; only twenty three of them managed to get upgenockte so far. A few are still trying, of course. Others took the single parent route.”

But I thought single parents were supposed to have dependent care plans in place, Top, so that having custody of their children wouldn’t affect deployability.

“Yeahhhh….um, no. Lemme tell ya about a conversation I had with a father of one of our females, one of the few non-lesbian ones willing to go. At least I think she was willing; she put on a very good act if she wasn’t willing. Anyway, I spoke to her father. This is what he said to me: ‘So, First Sergeant, let me see if I’ve got this straight; I take my grandson under my roof and you take my little girl to war? Not happening, the kid can go to hell but my little girl stays home, nice and safe.’ We had four like that, actually. Not one set of grandparents proved willing to take in their grandkids if the price of doing that was risking their daughters. Why one would almost think that the American people weren’t entirely serious about this sex-equality thing.”

Tsk, Top; catty, catty.

“Meh…sir. Anyway, with twenty-three pregnancies, four refusals to care for dependents, we were already hurting, but then came the sick calls, and a host of female specific injuries, illnesses, and complaints. Those did for another dozen. None of them even had to desert, though half a dozen men did desert. All that’s left now of the company’s women is Staff Sergeant Levee, whose life has gotten a lot easier since the disappearance of Lieutenant Dainty, and one of the mortar chicks, Specialist Adame, who’s frankly kind of a sick bitch anyway. Caught her in the dayroom, one night, watching the first thirty minutes of Saving Private Ryan, over, and over, and over again. When she says, ‘Wouldn’t miss this for the world, Top,’ I am inclined to believe her.

“Course that’s dumb as a stump, too, because with or without women in any numbers, this company couldn’t stand up to the Yemeni Boy Scouts, presuming there is such an organization. But she’s young and doesn’t know that.”

Why not, Top? What’s the problem? You indicated it was women and now they’re gone. So shouldn’t the problem go away, too?

“I never said the problem was women. I showed you we had a problem with women present, integrated, and coddled by the politics of the thing. The problem is men and women, mixed together in the same unit. And, please, spare me the ‘but they’re mixed together in civilian life and in families.’ Only the box-o-rocks ignorant and criminally stupid can fail to see the difference between a rifle company and Widgets-R-Us, the latter of which has not yet, not even once, had ‘to close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and maneuver, nor repel his attack by fire, close combat, and counter-attack’.”

“And the damage isn’t undone when the women go away and the unit is no longer mixed, or not heavily mixed. Point one: the men of this company have seen their commander led around by the dick by a cute little female driver. They’ve seen him fail to discipline her, and fail to discipline her friends, lest his nookie be cut off. You think a one of them trusts Vimpenscheisse with his life after seeing that? No, not even one man here is that stupid.

“Every squad member here, except for SSG Levee and the leader of the gays, has seen his squad leader coddle one or more females, seen the females allowed out of onerous duty, and seen them violate the regs over and over, and get away with it.

“Even when the girls weren’t allowed to get away with it just on the promise of a future wet dick, the whole system from the Department of the Army on down has been predicated on favoring and coddling them.

“No, sir; no man here, least of all me, trusts battalion, brigade, division, the Army, or the country, with his life. They’ve all already shown how little that life is valued if there’s a political point to score.”

So what are you going to do, Top?

“They’re recalling some old officers and NCOs to take over to create at least a minimally capable division, here. Got to, all the current ones are too contaminated. They’re also winnowing out physically capable REMFs from wherever they can be found and then sending them here as grunts, even if their MOS is clerk. That’s been tried before is is always something of a crap shoot; the Army never explains to REMFs, any more than it explained to women, that, ‘You’re a soldier in order to fight and maybe to die, and you may have to.’ Some will, frankly, collapse at the news. And it’s still going to be two to three years before we can fight our way out of a paper bag. We not only have to relearn what’s right; we have to unlearn what’s wrong, which is harder.”

“On the plus side, by the time we’re ready to fight the current enemy will have completely overrun the entire theater of war. That means the Marines are going to have to force an entrance. Since they’re just as fucked up as we are – and it will take them two to three years, too – we should be okay. Should be…well…we can hope. In a few years. Maybe. Until the next over-promoted politically correct clown decides on the next criminal idiocy.”

Next Week: Something else, anything else, because this is too damned depressing.

Be sure to read Part I and Part II in this series.

1 This column is dedicated to Liz Bourke, a reviewer and blogger at TOR.com

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Tom Kratman is a retired infantry lieutenant colonel, recovering attorney, and science fiction and military fiction writer. His latest novel, The Rods and the Axe, is available from Amazon.com for $9.99 for the Kindle version, or $25 for the hardback. A political refugee and defector from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, he makes his home in Blacksburg, Virginia. He holds the non-exclusive military and foreign affairs portfolio for EveryJoe. Tom’s books can be ordered through baen.com.

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  • Ciarog

    I’ve been mulling over what could be done for the the SJAF in the event that they ever had to actually defend what destroyed their ability to mount a credible defense. There ain’t enough mercenaries in the world for a full-scale ground war, and the kind of people who joined Blackwater generally ain’t the kind who care much for lesbian empowerment anyway.

    What about the gangs/organized crime? Still reasonably masculine, still armed, closest thing the Left has to a militant wing at home. And people like the Daleys and the Farley’s and the Farrakhan have long shown an unwillingness to let their espoused beliefs get in the way of the infrastructures that maintain their power. So could they try drafting the Crips and Bloods and Cosa Nostra and sending them off to Remove Kebab (or Remove Doorknocker—I still want to see a showdown between the SJAF and the Mormons.).

    • Tom Kratman

      My money would be on the Mormons…with odds.

    • Scott Bascom

      I’ll take that as a compliment.

    • Tom Kratman

      I’ve known one Mormon in the Army who wasn’t a good soldier, but he was also a shitty human being and a crappy Mormon. At least, when a major is fucking his enlisted driver’s wife I call that crappy and shitty. He resigned in lieu of court-martial and is now trying to make a living from a spurious PhD from a fraudulent school.

      On average, though, they’re stout folks and I was happy to have them in any unit I commanded.

    • Ciarog

      I too have known exactly one Mormon who I would define as a screw-up, and he too wasn’t much of a Mormon. Regardless of how you feel about their teachings, it is very hard to find one who doesn’t have his act together.

    • william Lehman

      I served with one that was a big deal in the church, but a douche in uniform… How ever, he was the exception, NOT the rule, on a sub that was half Mormon.

    • Bill Wade

      The one Mormon family I had acquaintance lived across the street from us in the late 80s/early 90s. The wife was my son’s babysitter. Really good people. And I say that despite the broken arm my son suffered carousing with her boys. The ER doctor had to stifle his laughter when my son explained (at the tender age of four) that he broke his arm falling off a barstool.

    • Jack Withrow

      Served with a lot of Mormons. For whatever reason a lot of the Somoans were Mormons. That is a pretty scary combination if you think about it.

      Never was around a Mormon in uniform that was not at least an above average troop. They could be tight laced on some things but when it came to their military duties they were all business.

    • Albert

      Yeah, adulterers are crappy Mormons. Excommunicated Mormons, in fact, if they get caught.

    • James

      I think I like Mormonism.

    • Tom Kratman

      Adultery? He was screwing a subordinate’s wife while serving in the military! It isn’t but ought to be capital. And I’d gladly noose the bastard myself.

    • Albert

      Right. I was talking about the religious penalty(which applies to civilian Mormons as well). As a military man he was fomenting mutiny, so as you say, noose the bastard.

      You know, if we spin the wheel of Trump and he ends up not being a liar about the positions he came up with after conferring with Senator Sessions, it’d be _really_ interesting to see what military reorganization he’d do after consulting with you.

    • Tom Kratman

      I find it rather unlikely he’d consult with me, actually.

    • Albert

      Yeah, but it’d be interesting to see what the outcome would be, _if_ it happened.

    • Tom Kratman

      Nothing. He’d ask me to fix DoD. I’d answer, “20 years as CJCS with power of life or death, and with no appeal from my judgment, which means you have to overthrow the republic for that long.” He’d faint. End of talk.

    • James

      So you as CJCS, Travis Taylor gets control over NASA and a bigger budget. Drake as Emperor. We could go old school evil empire on half the planet settle shit, space based weapons platforms at all times. Begin settling the solar system. I’m cool with this.

    • Ciarog

      Think the Bundys would have fun playing polo with their skulls? Heh heh heh.

    • Ori Pomerantz

      Gangs are probably like the police. Trained and experienced in small scale operations, what the military would call platoon and below.

    • Tom Kratman

      Not really. They don’t have as good an experience and knowledge base to work from.

    • Ori Pomerantz

      You mean they can’take even do platoon size, or that they aren’the trained in fighting anybody who’do fight back at all?

    • Ciarog

      Moving 40 people from one Bible Camp to another, if you want it done with any semblance of order, generally takes either a modicum of formal training or a great deal of talent.

      I’ve read that the Mafia fought as partisans in Italy during World War II. No idea on how well they did. Criminal gangs fought on all sides of the Yugoslav wars and seem to have preformed well, by relative standards.

    • Tom Kratman

      The latter. They have no idea what real violence, properly directed, is, and little more of what real soldiers can do.

    • James

      I would enjoy taking a bunch of rednecks from my neck of the woods into a fight like that.

      Urban fighting would be tricky but we’d still win. Most of them were taught by their male family members how to fight. Hell most have been in the military often at the pointy end so we would have a few leaders.

    • Nomad

      That said, some of the smaller, more ruthless and “professional” southern gangs have been known to use USMC as an equivalent to what the GI Bill program is for Officers in order to actually train their manpower and become better than the other gangs.


    • Tom Kratman

      They mistake the difference between the moral and the physical. The tactics and techniques are merely physical. If the gang members had ever acquired the moral, they’d have stayed in the Corps.

  • william Lehman

    But Tom, you don’t understand:
    “we’re never going to REALLY go to war again, not the sort of war that maters”,
    “If we find our selves in a war of annihilation it’ll go nuke anyway”,
    “it doesn’t mater if we win or loose in a brushfire war. It’s far more important that we use the military to socially engineer the nation into the sort of nation that we would want to defend”,
    “The Military is vital to socially engineering the future, after all, look how well integrating the troops worked”
    Act now and you can get not only these social justice warrior battle cries, but many more. The sad thing is, I think they actually believe it.

    • Iron Spartan

      Not only believe it, but are unable to comprehend that its might not be a good thing.

    • Tom Kratman

      I think I covered the left’s fascination with the military in an early column.

    • N0 0ne

      I suspect that, in addition to viewing progressive goals as more important than an effective military, the left may view the military, as an inherently conservative, hierarchical, “patriarchal” organization, as a potential threat to progressive control of power. If they are looking at the situation at least partly rationally rather than wholly ideologically, they may fear a coup more than they fear external enemies. Just a thought… (or perhaps this is what you covered earlier?)

    • Tom Kratman

      There and at least one other column, too. Look for “to coup or not to coup.”

    • Ori Pomerantz

      They probably fail to realize the link between an effective, and therefore scary, military and not having to fight major wars. Either that, or they think a major war would be good for their agends.

    • Ming the Merciless

      They think an ineffective military is a good thing.

      “The Fascist armed forces are totally ineffective, and the Fascist nation is unable to commit aggression or even defend itself? This is a great victory for the progressive forces, comrades!”

    • http://batman-news.com Rick Randall

      Exactly – the ultimate goal (unobtainable in reality, but a good ideal to aim at nonetheless) is a military so scary it isn’t needed to fight.

      That’s called “deterrence”. Unfortunately, there’s always someone who cannot be rationally deterred… But it can work to avoid a lot of conflicts with reasonably rational actors.

    • James

      They also trust in the nukes. The problem is they don’t fear a group of people who they don’t think have the balls to use them.

    • william Lehman

      we have frankly made the nuclear deterrent worthless. Our red line was WMDs is WMDs, you use Bact. or chem on us, we nuke you. We’ve proven that we’re not willing to make good on our threats. But the left CAN’T understand this, they can’t even hear it, it is just too foreign to their world view.

    • william Lehman

      Ori, they actually BELIEVE that no one would ever want to attack us, and the only reason that people go to war with us is because we are assholes, who are sticking our nose in their business. I had several of these individuals as teachers over the years… You can’t shake them or their articles of faith. It truly is a religion for them.

    • James

      I honestly think the lefts ability to comprehend violence is a little broken.

    • Tom Kratman

      That’s okay; someday we’ll remind them.

    • gaige

      I thought that day was something to be avoided at all costs, Colonel?

      I have to ask, what is your personal red line?

    • Tom Kratman

      I begin to lose hope, actually.

      I’ll know it when I see it.

    • gaige

      I abandoned hope a long time ago.

      With Abbot actively pushing for an Article V Convention of the States, it is much more likely to actually happen in the near future, so I think it’ll probably be something related to that.

    • James

      I wouldn’t trust this congress or senate or much of any group in our government with a constitutional convention. Those fuck wits would have everything on fire and us in chains in 6 months.

    • gaige

      Fortunately, only the States have any sort of say over a Convention of the States.

    • James

      Yes but remember thats the states. Illinois which has sent how many governors and such to prison?

      The Governors are just as bad as the congressmen. They just can’t blame it on the other party…..well at least not in my state.

    • Ciarog


      Something like this would do it. If we get our own child-grooming scandal or one of our own cities gets sacked, and the political establishment shows that they care more for preventing “reprisals” than stopping it from happening again, that could do it.

      I could see something like that happening, just imagine another bigger-than-usual flash mob that crosses the threshold of what we’re willing to tolerate.

    • william Lehman

      If Tom has a brain, and I know he does, he, like I, wouldn’t answer a question like that anywhere other than very privately, with people I trust implicitly.

    • Mark Andrew Edwards

      From your lips, to God’s ears, sir

    • william Lehman

      that’s like when the Irish called 400 years of internecine warfare “the troubles”

  • redleg

    Did that exact thing with the MiTTs and ETTs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Have HRC police up the scapings of everyone who can’t avoid advisor duty fast enough and send them to Fort Riley. Minus the female issues of course.

    • Tom Kratman

      And, as far as it goes, it can work reasonably well for things that don’t require too much combat. For combat, however….

  • The Didact

    Damn, sir. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at what you’ve described- because, judging by what I’ve been seeing in various media reports, it’s a scarily accurate picture of what is already happening and what is almost certain to happen in the near future.

    On that subject- do you believe that Special Forces units are likely to go the same way, or will the very high barriers to entry allow groups like Delta, SEALs, and Rangers to avoid a similar fate?

    • Tom Kratman

      I do not believe SOF will be allowed to remain male, no.

      It’s always like that, a limited program to show how they can do it all after all, and then, when the swamp of exceptionally capable women (who still had to be coddled through) is drained, then the standards drop like lead, and the EO-fascisti ensure that the drop is supported and covered up.

  • The Didact

    Also, sir, I would be most interested in hearing your thoughts about the current emphasis on high-tech weaponry (e.g. the F-35, the FCS, etc.) that the US military seems to be obsessed with these days.

    • Tom Kratman

      I’ll recommend two books, Luttwak’s The Pentagon and the Art of War, and van Creveld’s Technology in War. The short version is we’ve created bureaucracies whose mission is R&D, but ultimately aren’t very interested in the D or P(rocurement) sides. That, and that we’ve promoted a whole bunch of idiots.

    • James

      Heh, we risk circling back around to the new rifle for the___ argument again.

  • Neil

    My analysis for a while now has been that SOCOM will, eventually, turn around and become cadre for the New Model Army. I don’t know enough to have an informed opinion on the SJW Army, but procurement woes alone will be enough to effectively collapse the DoD.

    When stuff gets real, we’ll turn to whatever institutions are still functional, and I suspect that SOCOM (or something like it) will be one of them.

    • Jack Withrow

      SOCCOM won’t survive this either. In case you missed it, SecDef issued an order last week directing them to open up all their MTOE Slots to women. They will be in no better shape than the Combat Arms units.

    • Neil

      I suspect that SOCOM will avoid or neuter the zampolits, and that their female combatants will make the Amazons look like High Tea with the Queen.

      In my opinion, it’s not the gonads– it’s the unprofessional nonsense that is damaging.

    • Jack Withrow

      SOCCOM is just as infected with the SJW bullshit as the regular services. Witness the cluster fuck in Helmand Province last week where that SF SSG was killed. It might take a couple of months longer, but SOCCOM will be destroyed like all the rest. The SJW’s will not allow any military force to preserve its traditions and male centric personnel policies for combat arms positions.

    • Neil

      Fill me in–I wasn’t aware of anything in that battle that was anything other than the usual mess.

    • Jack Withrow

      The usual mess was caused in large part by SF Cmdrs and Officers. They left that team pinned down for an entire day, waiting for nightfall before they launched the QRF to extract them. The SF Cmdr also denied CAS to the pinned down team because of the possibility of collateral damage. In short they acted just like the Cowards with Stars do when faced with a life or death situation. And also one of the very seriously wounded SF troopers was only saved by very heroic efforts of the team medic, since a Dust-Off was denied them during daylight hours.

      I am already seeing some very disgruntled comments showing up on various military blogs about this by some operators. It is only a trickle so far, but I expect to see a flood before too long and more importantly I expect to see some very serious allegations of misconduct leveled at the SF Commanders and their Higher HQ over this cluster fuck.

    • Neil

      Hmmm… sounds like some of the stuff I heard about during the Clinton Administration. Guess we’ll see how bad it gets.

  • Jack Withrow

    Once again, great column. Depressing as hell though.

    I gave up on the Cowards with Stars doing anything to stop this a couple of years ago. The lack of resignations by GO’s to protest this speaks volumes to me, the moral cowardice of the General Officer Corps is to be expected I guess. I had a faint hope that Congress just might do something to stop this. But I should have listened to my cynical side. The oxygen thieves in Congress are no more willing to stop the destruction of the Armed Forces than is the leadership of the Armed Forces.

    As we are powerless to stop it, by the time the next president is sworn in it will be to late, I suggest we start a campaign to make registration for the draft mandatory for women. Also women should be liable to involuntary transfers into Combat Arms, no volunteers. Let’s take this shit storm to its ultimate end, make every unit 51% female, since that is what the female percentage of the population of the US is. And lets deploy at least a Battalion of Integrated Infantry into either Iraq or Afghanistan within the next 4 months and give them the mission of taking someplace the RIF’s absolutely have to hold, Helmand Province for ex. Let the American Public see all those body bags containing dead young women coming home, and publicize exactly what happened to them before they died; i.e. rape, torture, etc.

    • Bill Wade

      My question would be, how many of the current flag officers have stayed in with the intent of doing what they can to mitigate the damage (or reverse it under a less progressive administration), and how many are onboard with the progressive program?

      I know a large number of flag officers left the service under Obama’s admin, including one I believe very capable.

    • Jack Withrow

      I spent over 30 years in uniform. I don’t know how many times I have heard that “if I stay in, maybe I can keep the damage under control.” Trouble is no one I ever heard say that did a blessed thing to keep the damage under control. Having been around more GO’s than I care to remember, I found that very, very few are trustworthy. And note, not one single GO who has retired in the last 7 years have publicly stated they did so because of the damage the Oxygen Thief in Chief is doing to the Military.

  • GOPnoMore

    It’s so frustrating to see a military undercut so badly, while our political, and military (but I repeat myself) leaders stand up and say things like: “Integrating women into combat units will increase our combat effectiveness.” And they say it with a straight face. Knowing, absolutely knowing, that they are lying. Where’s the shame?

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