Shockproofing Society (Part I)

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The Wright Perspective - Destruction West by the Left

We live in a time of utter corruption of the thought process. Ours is the Age of Willful Blindness. It is so bad that perfectly obvious looming threats are routinely ignored, whereas non-issues like Global Frauding occupy the full attention of our elite leaders.

It is regrettable that I cannot begin the discussion of how best to survive the coming collapse of the West without devoting an entire column to saying what the danger is.

Safety precautions are not meant to be perfect, merely not be more trouble than they are worth. Wearing a safety belt in a car will not protect your life in every case, merely in enough cases that it is worth the minor trouble of buckling up.

Now imagine you are in a car that you notice is being driven by a drunk madman suffering an open head injury which is interfering with his ability to make critical judgments. He is chained to the steering wheel. The car is headed toward a cliff. However, whenever you or the other doomed passengers point out that the car is heading toward a cliff, half the passengers in the car scream the most filthy insults, abuse, and denigration imaginable, shrieking like loons, spittle flying, and insist there is no cause for alarm; and the driver pushes more firmly on the accelerator pedal, so that the car speeds toward the cliff more quickly.

At that point, any safety precautions one could take more cumbersome than a mere safety belt, such as a crash helmet, or even a parachute, would be called for.
Lest I be accused of obscurity, in this parable, the cliff is the financial and military situation of the West.

The driver is the political Left.

His insanity is called Political Correctness, which punishes anyone who tells the truth and flatters anyone who lies.

The intoxicant is political power, an unholy lust to control the hearts, minds and souls of other men, run their lives and ruin their lives.

The pulsating head wound dripping blood and gray matter is the modern educational system or, rather, asylum.

The screaming loons are the press. Their sole mission is the prevention of an educated and intelligent discussion of the coming disaster or, for that matter, of any topic.

Financially, had the United States a decade ago embarked a rigid budget cutting program and strict austerity, cutting all the various forms of welfare payments, transfer payments, and bribery, either by atomic or bacteriological agent, on a major city of the West, or several of them, we might have been able to embark on a depression only twice as bad as what tormented our fathers under FDR.

However, instead, the Leftists in America elected the most profligate figure in human history. Astronomical amounts of money were borrowed and spent with no plans to repay, and no idea what to do when the bill comes due. These are amounts beyond comprehension, amounts beyond the combined gross national product of all the nations of the world. The United States checking account was already at zero when Obama took office; this spending took place in the first year – and then it exploded and expanded and accelerated.

That is just the national debt, not the unfunded liabilities, which are an order of magnitude higher.

Millions and tens of millions of dollars were lost without any record of where it went. Whether this was bribery, or peculation, or mere mishandling of funds, no one knows and no one can say, because the press never investigated it, nor the Justice Department, nor anyone. There are corporations and nations whose entire military budget is less than the missing amounts lost in the orgy of spending.

Militarily, the United States has done exactly everything wrong from the very beginning of the Global Islamic War, including refusing to declare war, and refusing to call it war, refusing to follow the money to the actors funding the terror, refusing to hold conquered terrain, and refusing to identify the cause of the problem. We have made ourselves as weak and vulnerable as possible to the preferred decentralized tactics of the Jihad, and encouraged the enemy by shows of weakness and indecision, despite possessing an overwhelming military and industrial advantage.

The cause of the problem is Islam, which is a political-theocratic movement older than the nations of Europe, and which had not changed its basic mission at that time, nor its tactics.

Examples could be multiplied endlessly: When hundreds of German women are raped, robbed, and sexually assaulted in a series of planned outrages over New Year’s by Islamics, for example, the immediate mission of the press is to channel the discussion into Gun Control. As if that were the major problem facing the nation or, indeed, a problem of any sort, major or minor. And the German politicians tell their women to dress more modestly. That same week, the Miss Universe contest is soberly debating whether or not to drop the bathing suit segment of the contest because the Islamics find it immodest. The federal prison system has decided not to buy and serve bacon anywhere in federal prison for fear of offending the Islamics.

If London or New York is blown off the map by the Obama Bomb that this administration has given the Iranians the go-ahead to build, or used an electromagnetic pulse weapon to wipe out our comically and foolishly vulnerable electrical grid, a sizable section of the United States riots for a week or two, and starves and dies.

The money needed to restore civilization to working order is gone. We’ve spent it all. We have spent all the money in the world. There is none left to borrow, none left to pay interest on the debt. The World produces roughly 70 trillion dollars worth of goods and services a year. The US government, including unfunded liabilities, owes over 90 trillion.

That is trillion with a T. If you counted to a trillion one number per second without pausing for breath, you would need to live 31,000 years. I happen to have this figure at my fingertips because I wrote a book of this title, and this is roughly the time it would take to fly to the a globular cluster NGC 2808 in the constellation Carina traveling at the speed of light. You see, I started writing the book in the Bush Administration, when only astronomers used the word “trillion.”

Now, America survived two world wars and a cold war without a collapse of our civilization, or a slide back into barbarism. That was then. This is now. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, the unanimous reaction of the United States was one of righteous outrage. When the World Trade Center was destroyed, using civilian airliners as bombs, half the nation blamed the United States and called for our immediate preemptive surrender. We fought a conventional war against a decentralized enemy and half the nation, the Left, voiced their absolute and unambiguous support for the Jihad and expressed a hatred of George H.W. Bush so insane that it developed its own byword: Bush Derangement Syndrome. The achievements of the Bush war years were small and tardy, but a good beginning – and the Obama Administration not only reversed those gains but put the West into worse military situation than before 9/11.

So, the chance that our civilization will outlive twenty five years without the grid failing is low. The election of one or two conservative warlike presidents will accomplish nothing, since the rot is now too deep, the corruption too advanced. What was once the lunatic fringe hardly worth laughing in scorn to notice is now the mainstream Left, the mainstream media, the orthodox indoctrination in academia, enshrined in law.

Our society, absent a divine miracle from God, is certain to crash. What can you do to prepare yourself for the impact? That we will examine in our next column.

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John C. Wright is a retired attorney and newspaperman who was only once hunted by the police. He is a graduate of St. John College (home of Mortimer Adler’s “Great Books Program). In 2004 he foreswore his lifelong atheism and joined the Roman Catholic Church. He has published over 10 SF novels, including one nominated for a Nebula award, and was described by Publisher’s Weekly as “this fledgling century’s most important new SF talent.” He currently lives in fairytale-like happiness with his wife, the authoress L. Jagi Lamplighter, and their four children.

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  • paul

    Its surreal to read an essay endorsing what my gut instincts knew back
    in 2008-09 and why I started preparing for chaos. Now I think the time
    has come to do inventory and bolster what I have or….

    • Pete the Greek

      Everyone feels this way. Even the most pro Obama guy at my work, when we went out for beers to congratulate a retiring coworker mentioned things felt wrong and how he didn’t think things were going to be ‘good for much longer’.

    • BigGaySteve

      That was the time to plant fruit/nut trees.

  • TimWB

    I know that this is meant as rhetoric but…
    Overwhelmingly both parties in the Senate backed both the Afghanistan invasion and the Iraq invasion.
    Support for the Afghanistan invasion remained high well into the Obama administration.
    A few years ago, Republicans had campaigned on the idea that “the war is fought there so it isn’t fought here”.
    Where is the war still fought?
    Laden is feeding fish. Yemen, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and more
    have been pulled into the fray with US blood being spilled in those
    fights. The military is involved in more theaters of operation than in
    the Bush, Clinton, or Reagan eras.
    To say the Democratic
    party has not prosecuted the war because of the
    nomenclature is a mind-boggling rewrite of history.

    Regarding the
    remainder of the essay, wars tend to be expensive. Should we gin up some
    alliances and have our allies spend their cash? We did that just fine in
    Afghanistan, but Iraq kinda ruined our mandate with the whole “where’s the bomb” thing.

  • Carefully Careless

    In the third section from the end, I’m fairly sure “American” should be “America” or “Americans”.

    If this comment could be deleted if/when said typo is corrected, that would be great.

  • HMSLion

    I refuse to abandon hope. Times are hard, yes…but we’ve been here before in the late 1970s. And if you had told someone in January 1980 that a decade hence, the United States would be riding a wave of unprecedented prosperity, the Berlin Wall would be rubble, and the Soviet Union a bad memory, they would have locked you up as a madman.

    Yet that is precisely what happened.

  • Davis M.J. Aurini

    Quite a bit of the Lord’s Justice will be coming down during our lifetimes.

  • dc.sunsets

    All consumption is in the present; it is impossible to consume that which has not been produced, so this means that the orgy of borrowing to consume (AKA creation of non-self-liquidating debt) has but one effect: It provides a convenient rationalization for belief in having one’s cake and eating it, too. “We” borrow, use that new “money” to exchange for a consumable, consume it, still owe the debt but the holder of the debt believes he owns whatever it was that was consumed (or its equivalent value.) In this way, multiplied by a large (and growing) exponent, the production of ephemeral products (and all services) plump GDP while the debts created plump overall wealth accounts.

    Yet every turn of this wheel simply turns more raw material and effort into what flows into a sewage treatment plant, even as those sitting on the stools get more obese while believing themselves rich as kings.

    • dc.sunsets

      Metaphor time: There’s a nice farm with fertile fields and well-managed livestock…and a nice farmhouse. They decide to throw a party. When the food runs out, the party-goers are not ready to sober up so they push aside the farmers and slaughter the breeding stock pigs, dairy cows and even the breeder bull, cook them up and eat them. The booze runs low so Central Bankers show up with crystal meth to keep the party rolling. The bonfires begin to lower, so first the barn and then the farmhouse are dismantled and their timbers thrown on the pile even as all the seed corn is popped for consumption.

      Collectively, people are simply too wrapped up in the group mania to desire sobriety, and even those who know things are getting bad are so afraid of the hangover that they keep on taking hits on the pipe and washing down some random pills with the last of the cheap vodka.

      By the time it is no longer possible to avoid sobriety, there will be not enough food or shelter (capital that produces comfort) to sustain the pre-party living standard.

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