Trump Dominates in Latest South Carolina Poll

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Boosted by a resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary, real estate mogul Donald Trump appears to be on track to score another big win in the upcoming South Carolina contest, according to a new poll. Trump currently leads the pack with 17 pledged delegates, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 11 and Florida Senator Marco Rubio with 10.

Donald Trump
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The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll, which was released on Sunday, reveals that Trump continues to dominate the Republican primary field with 42 percent of the vote, distantly followed by Cruz with 20 percent, Rubio with 15 percent and Ohio Governor John Kasich with 9 percent.

Trump’s success in South Carolina could be attributed to the state’s widespread anti-establishment sentiment; according to the poll, 45 percent of respondents have a negative reaction to the term “Republican establishment,” while just 11 percent find establishment candidates favorable.

While Cruz polled the best among Republican primary voters who describe themselves as “very conservative,” Trump won the conservative vote overall while also winning over the majority of moderate Republicans. Trump also notched an increase in the number of voters who have firmly decided to vote for him and has enjoyed stronger support from evangelicals.

Trump narrowly beat out Cruz for the candidate that most respondents believe is ready to serve as president, a category in which Rubio polled poorly. The majority of South Carolina voters claimed that debate performance recently impacted their vote, while 42 percent said the same of how candidates reacted to news events. Only 21 percent said that they were influenced by the primary contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton enjoys a 19-point lead over rival Bernie Sanders, with her margin of victory barely narrowing since last month’s poll. While Sanders polled better among white voters and young voters, Clinton remained the clear favorite among the African-American voting bloc, which comprises the majority of Democratic primary voters in the state.

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