The Walking Dead’s “Twice As Far” was a Sloppy Episode

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SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen it and don’t want it ruined, navigate away now!

Alright, did you see The Walking Dead‘s “Twice as Far” this week? I don’t even know what to make of it. Was it terrible? No, it was pretty good, actually. The problem was that it was rushed, forced and messy, at times. It just felt like they threw a bunch of randomness together to advance the storyline even if it didn’t quite feel right.

Sure, we learned a bit more about the Saviors, got stressed because people were out on a run and brought us a real update on Carol but it was just weird.

First of all, there was no Rick which was interesting. Secondly, it focused on characters that have either been underdeveloped and/or no one cares about. I mean, really, do we need truly care if Eugene and Abraham aren’t getting along? The dialogue and acting in that scene was just ridiculous. I laughed through most of it.

Anyway, out of nowhere, Denise suddenly brings up the fact that when she was evacuating the city – WAY BACK when the zombies first hit the scene – she noticed a tiny shop in a strip mall. She convinced Daryl and Rosita to take her since she thought there might be medication up for grabs. Honestly, when I saw what the place looked like, I was amazed that the production team thought viewers would believe that she not only noticed the place but, also, that she remembered the exact name and location. Sigh.

Inside, Denise had some pretty chilling moments as she found what appeared to be the remains of a man and baby in a back room. Clearly spooked, she sat outside while Daryl and Rosita finished scouring the place for supplies. They told her that she they hadn’t thought she was ready to go on a run and, as they made their way back to the vehicle, she proved that she wasn’t.

She spotted a cooler in a car with a walker and the experienced fighters told her to leave it alone. They kept walking but she insisted on fighting this zombie for the cooler and almost got herself killed in the process. Daryl and Rosita heard her screaming and ran back but she insisted that they let her kill it herself (she barely managed to do it). She considered it a personal triumph that an Orange Crush was in the cooler since her boo, Tara, is such a fan. While they admonished her for taking a dumb risk, she started hooting and hollering about how they aren’t living life to the fullest and that she should have told Tara that she loved her and blah blah blah. The whole time I was like “would you shut up?!”

Well, she had no choice but to stop talking when someone shot an arrow through the back of her head. It emerged out of her right eye as she awkwardly finished her sentence before collapsing, dead, in front of Darryl and Rosita. The pair took a defensive stance and found themselves face-to-face with a legion of Saviors – and Eugene. Miraculously, when it looked like things were about to go as bad as they possibly could, he actually came up with a good idea. He mentioned that someone he hated (Abraham) was hiding in the bushes and, when the Saviors started investigating, he bit the main guy (Dwight) in the junk.

Of course, pandemonium ensued with our group making it out alive (except for Denise) and many of the Saviors running off (with, unfortunately, information about how to find Alexandria).

Meanwhile, back at camp, Carol decided to abandon Alexandria and go into a self-imposed exile because she doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore. Sigh. I mean, it sucks. It really does but this dog-eat-dog-before-zombie-eats-dog world. You have to do what you have to do to survive and lots of lives, including baby Judith and Maggie’s unborn child, need protection.

There’s only two episodes left so they have done a pretty good, if not disjointed, job of setting things up for an epic showdown worthy of a season finale cliffhanger. Negan is coming. He knows where they are now and it’s going to be ugly!

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