“Batman v Superman” Deserves the Mixed Reviews

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I’ll admit right off the bat (no pun intended) that I’m more of a Marvel fan but I really loved Man of Steel so I thought I’d give Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a chance. I’ve had a chance to think about it overnight and I seriously cannot decide how I truly feel about it.

I’ll try my best to avoid spoilers but, if you read this review, you will get a general idea about certain things that may not be readily apparent from the trailers. Read at your own risk!

The Pros:

Zack Snyder did a great job of introducing and integrating Batman and Wonder Woman into an existing Superman plot without it feeling forced. There were many throwbacks to Man of Steel but these two new characters did not feel out of place.

The special effects were pretty stellar. There’s really not much I can say without giving away plot details but they definitely did a good job.

The acting was great. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor but he pulled it off and he did it well. He brought a new level of psychosis to the role and I liked it!

Batman’s fighting sequences were probably the best ones ever for that character. Sure, I’m a bit of a purist and I still think that Michael Keaton was the best cinematic Batman ever but Ben Affleck brought it.

The plot addressed things from Man of Steel that felt realistic. In any major city, people would be upset about the destruction created by some alien and his foe fighting in the downtown core, for example. They’d also want answers about where he was from and what he’s trying to do for/to humankind.

The Cons:

The excessive use of dream-like or supernatural sequences. It was confusing and always done in a way that was a bit jarring.

How the showdown ends between Superman and Batman. That’s all I’ll say.

The darkness was a bit tough to adjust to. I know they needed to make it darker for Batman’s sake but it was just hard to get into it, in my opinion.

Too little action music. All the sound, up until Wonder Woman does her thing, is too serious and dubsteppy. The fights needed that pep.

The oversimplication (or overcomplication!) of certain issues in the movie. Some things could have been resolved relatively simply by, I don’t know, talking or saying actual words instead of hinting at things. Fights would have never happened, explosions might have been avoided, etc… if one person, ANY person actually said, “Hey, you know I’m just gonna throw this out there.” It was so frustrating.

Overall, I give the movie a 7/10, although, as of right now, Rotten Tomatoes has it sitting at a 30% fresh rating. Did you see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? If so, what did you think?

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