Shocking Rumors: Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?

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Some news outlets (and many people on social media) are buzzing about rumors that Ted Cruz is involved in some kind of sex scandal – specifically the rumors say the GOP presidential hopeful has had several extramarital affairs.

GOP Presidential Candidate Sen. Ted Cruz Holds Caucus Night Gathering At Iowa State Fairgrounds
Ted and Heidi Cruz – Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Sex scandals in politics are nothing new, but this one could really rock the Republicans. Cruz is viewed as a happily married Christian man. And this week, his wife Heidi was thrown into the spotlight when Donald Trump said he’d “spill the beans” on her. Some speculated that the “beans” were regarding her past alleged bout with depression. But others are saying that’s not it… it’s about Ted’s affairs.

The National Enquirer (yes, the known tabloid rag) published a story that Cruz supposedly has had five mistresses — and they even included pictures of the women with blurred out faces. Internet sleuths have apparently identified three of the five blurred women — and their identities are rather shocking.

The first and most notable one is allegedly Donald Trump’s controversial spokesman, Katrina Pierson. It should be mentioned that Pierson did formerly work for Cruz’s 2012 senate campaign.

The second is allegedly conservative activist and CNN contributor, Amanda Carpenter… who happens to hate Donald Trump.

And finally, the third is allegedly Sarah Isgur Flores — who was Carly Fiorina’s campaign manager. This becomes even more interesting when you realize that Cruz’s super PAC gave Fiorina’s super PAC $500,000. Hmmm…

The Conservative Treehouse has more details on these rumors, and I’m sure that the internet detectives at 4chan and other sites will uncover the identity of the other two blurred out women soon.

For now, we need to remember that these are rumors… just rumors. But sometimes rumors turn out to be true. Ask John Edwards, or Gary Hart, or…

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