Man Commits Suicide in Target Housewares Section

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On Wednesday in a Calfornia Target store, a man went to the housewares section, removed a knife from its package and stabbed himself in the torso, committing suicide in the aisle.

The unusual death happened at Target located in Fontana, and the store remained open for two hours after the body was discovered.

“Once it was determined there was no danger to guests or team members, we sectioned off the entire area to allow the police to investigate,” a Target corporate spokesperson explained.

Many were appalled when they found out shoppers were continuing to shop, not knowing the dead man was in the store.

“It’s kind of scary, but it gives you the impression they don’t want to lose making money,” said shopper Brenda Murrell. “Because if you know somebody’s dead, a lot of times people won’t come.”

The store did eventually close as the coroner officials removed the body.

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