Exclusive Interview: Adult Star Eva Lovia Talks About the Industry and the Election

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Eva Lovia is one of the hottest up-and-coming names in the adult entertainment industry. The 26-year-old beauty isn’t just starring in movies, she’s directing films and running her own business, too.

Just two years ago Eva did her first boy/girl flick, and her porn career has taken off. In 2016, she signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground and has appeared in hot films like “Anchorwoman XXX” and “Monarch: Agents of Seduction.” She’s also been nominated for numerous awards in her relatively short career.

Don’t think Eva is all body and no brains. She graduated college with her psychology degree.

EveryJoe had the opportunity to chat with Eva Lovia and learn more about this rising star.

Eva Lovia

EveryJoe: Tell us how you got started in the adult entertainment industry? What did you do previously?

Eva Lovia: I was in the restaurant and bar industry before I decided to email a few companies to set up a shoot. I really admired girls like Jesse Jane – she was someone I very much wanted to be like.

EJ: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened on set?

EL: I get asked this a lot and I surprisingly don’t have an embarrassing story yet, which means I’m due for one. Most sets are fun and people are cracking dick jokes here and there, as expected, but nothing extra special to point out.

EJ: Who would you want to work with that you haven’t yet?

EL: I am dying to work with Asa Akira or Alexis Texas. Hopefully I can make that happen next year.

EJ: What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?

EL: To be careful and understand what your end goal is. No one is going to look out for you or your career so you need to plan ahead and most importantly understand your limits and what you are comfortable with sexually. Don’t do anything just for the money or just for popularity. When it’s over, you’re left with your decisions so you need to me happy with them.

EJ: What traits do you find attractive in a partner?

EL: I love ambitious and funny men. Nothing is sexier than a man with passion for something – it can be cooking, working out, growing his business. I can’t be passionate for a man that doesn’t have passions of his own. Laughter is also a huge turn-on. I’m pretty sarcastic and love a good conversation, so you need to keep me mentally stimulated.

EJ: How do you like to spend your free time?

EL: I run my own business so that keeps me very busy. But when I do have some free time, I love working out, cooking, going on hikes with my dog, or traveling.

EJ: Who do you want to be the next President?

EL: Can I pick none of the above? I wish Obama could stick around and I haven’t seen anyone running that has sparked my interest. But because I do want to vote, I’m voting Trump simply for one reason: flat tax rate.

EJ: Tell us about any projects you have going on or coming up.

I just built my own website fallinlovia.com, so that’s pretty badass. It’s been live for less than two months and it’s already doing well. I also have my own Fleshlight which I try to plug as often as I can without annoying anyone! It’s a very cool and intimate way for my fans to get to enjoy my work and my holes!

Don’t miss Eva’s latest Digital Playground DVD Let It Ride!


Binge-worthy shows: Game of Thrones and House of Cards
Vacation spots: Puerto Rico and Amsterdam
Celebrity crush: The Rock
Video game: Gears of War and the classic Castlevania
Dessert: Key lime anything

Be sure to follow Eva on Twitter @MissEvaLovia and check her out on Instagram (and SnapChat) @lovialongtime. She is also on Chatstar and her official site is fallinlovia.com. To book Eva, email realevalovia@gmail.com or find her at RisingStarPR.com.

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