Man Plays with Himself for Three Hours on Bus, Gets Arrested

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An Iowa man has been charged with indecent exposure for masturbating on a Megabus ride for nearly three hours on Sunday, in plain view of an uncomfortable woman. The man, 41-year-old Telly Shadell Corey, claims that he thought the woman was enjoying the show because she did not ask him to stop.

Police were called before the Megabus arrived to the Iowa City, Iowa station in order to apprehend Corey, who “was on the bus with his penis exposed to a female passenger that was terrified,” according to a criminal complaint.

Telly Shadell Corey
Photo: Johnson County Jail

“The ensuing investigation showed that the defendant played with his penis in his sweatpants,” the complaint continued, “and ended up exposing his penis and masturbating for up to three hours because he thought the victim was enjoying it. Defendant upon Miranda admitted to the act as he thought since the victim didn’t say anything to him she was enjoying it.”

Corey was arrested for indecent exposure, a charge that joins multiple narcotics-related arrests on his rap sheet. He is currently being held in a Johnson County jail on a $2,500 bond.

Megabus, a company that provides low-cost long distance transportation services, has yet to release a statement about the incident. According to the company’s website, “you will be riding in comfort and confidence. We provide affordable and reliable bus services, offering the highest level of comfort and safety. You can be assured of a great experience and overall satisfaction.”

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