Sex Addict Tires Out Her Boyfriend

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When we hear about sex addicts, we usually think of men — but women can be sex addicts too. We aren’t talking about just liking sex, but true addiction.

Sami Walton has been in a relationship with her boyfriend James Keates for four years. And most people would think that James is a lucky guy to have a girlfriend with such an insatiable appetite for sex. But being hooked on sex has its drawbacks, for the addict and their partner.

According to the Sunday People, Sami’s sexual demands have left James exhausted, and her addiction has cost her a job and several friends.

Before she was in a relationship with James, she was traveling all over the country to meet people for sex, then missing work. When Walton explained that she was a sex addict, her boss was understanding at first, but eventually let her go.

“Things spiralled out of control completely and I drove my friends away because all I cared about was sex. I had a huge network of people I’d sleep with regularly – I’d call them my friends with benefits – but I’d also sleep with strangers,” she said.

“I was so desperate for some action, I’d do anything for sex. I consider myself straight but I’d sleep with women just to satisfy my cravings.”

James said it was fun at first, but now he wants to slow down a bit. Thank goodness for Sami’s huge collection of sex toys.

“We have had some good times as I’m quite adventurous in bed too. One Bank Holiday ­weekend we had sex around 40 times. But now I’m getting a bit older I do get tired more easily so I’m glad she has her sex toys as well.”

I know sex addiction is real, and loving an addict is difficult, yet somehow I still don’t feel sorry for the guy.

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