Hot Stripper Tries to Eat Her Shirt After DUI Arrest

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A Florida stripper was arrested for DUI over the weekend, but before her breathalyzer test began to eat her shirt.

The incident began when a police officer saw the woman, later identified as ZyZe McCausland, almost hit another vehicle with her Mazda. Sgt Pablo Rodriguez of the Key West Police was standing on the street when he saw the near-accident and tried to flag the driver down. He told the 32-year-old woman to stop and pull over, but instead he heard her say, “Oh, fuck!” and she sped away.

Rodriguez got into his police car and began following McCausland, who ran a number of stop signs while trying to get away from the officer. She pulled into a parking lot of the local middle school. McCausland then tried to wake up her passed-out passenger before running out of her vehicle on foot.

The sergeant caught the stripper and placed her under arrest. When another officer arrived at the scene, McCausland was screaming “you’ll be sorry” and demanding that the police call the security team at Rick’s Bar where she worked because “they would order” the officers not to arrest her.

McCausland, obviously drunk, refused a field sobriety test. Taken to the county jail, she agreed to a breathalyzer. However, when police uncuffed her, she “stuffed a large portion of her shirt into her mouth and began chewing at the fabric.”

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