Brexit Wins: Britain Votes to Leave the EU

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In a monumental event, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. With about 90 percent of results in, the Leave campaign leads the Remain campaign by a 52 to 48 percent margin.

Brexit- Vote to Leave
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So what happens next?

Keep in mind the Brexit vote isn’t legally binding – so it could be overturned, but that won’t happen. However, the UK won’t leave the EU overnight. It will take a couple years to hash out the details. Britain and EU leaders have to work out everything — migration, tariffs, and every type of regulation you can possibly think of.

Will Cameron Be Forced Out?

Even though he wanted Britain to Remain, Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to stay in office no matter what happened with the vote. But conservatives in parliament could end up forcing him out. A new government could be formed, or at least, new elections could take place.

What About the Economy?

Changes will definitely take place, but no one can predict the long term effects of the UK leaving the EU. What we do know is that right now the Pound and the Euro are tumbling. Oil is tanking, and the U.S. stock futures are down as well.

So Will the United Kingdom Stay United?

The UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Will they all stay together once they are out of the EU? Maybe not. Scotland has wanted to break off from the UK for some time now.

What Happens With Migration?

Migration was a key factor in the Leave movement. Migrants from EU countries are free to move about and live and work anywhere within countries that belong to the EU. About 3 million non-British EU nationals live in Britain. They aren’t documented for the most part, and many have taken advantage of the system by moving from poor, struggling countries to the thriving ones. When Britain exits the EU, this would all change. The immigrants would need to follow regulations, get documents, or perhaps be deported.

How Will Brexit Effect the U.S. Presidential Election?

Well, Donald Trump was in favor of Leave. Hillary Clinton was in favor of Remain. Does that mean Trump will get more support in the General Election now? Who knows!? Some pundits think so, while others think there is no correlation at all.

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