EveryDad: Ranting About Being Overscheduled

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I work hard to take care of my family, like I’m sure most of you do too. So when the weekend comes, all I want to do is relax. Maybe have a few beers. Maybe watch a game or two, but mostly just relax. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t get it.

She loves to organize and schedule everything we do. She’s a scheduler — or should I say, she’s an overscheduler. She loves to have “plans” for the weekend, and it’s making me nuts.

Overscheduled dad

We have five kids — from toddlers to teens — so my wife packs our weekends with activities and events for the whole family. I get going to watch my kid play sports or my daughter dance. That’s fine. What I don’t get is having every waking minute planned out. Here was our family schedule last Saturday.

9am (yes, that unGodly hour on the weekend) – T’s soccer game
11am – Brunch with the McMillan family
1pm – Nap time for the two youngest (Mom stays home), Mini golf for the three oldest (BigDaddy too)
4pm – Youth group for the two oldest (BigDaddy drops them off, goes grocery shopping and then picks them back up)
7pm – “Family night” – board games, pizza, reading books out loud
9:30pm – BigDaddy takes the oldest two to the movies, after the younger three go to sleep
12midnight – BigDaddy take out the trash and clean up the house because we have company on Sunday morning.

Say what?

To make matters worse, the schedule in its entirety is posted on a giant whiteboard in our breakfast nook with annotations like “Don’t be late!!!” or “This is IMPORTANT!!!”

I just want to grab the erase and wipe it all off, replacing it with a new schedule:

Sleep in until noon
Lay on the couch all day
Feed the kids when they are hungry
Put the kids to bed at 8pm
Bang the wife


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  • Bart

    Dude – I feel you. My wife schedules every second of every freakin day. One time she woke me up at 6am so that we could go over her schedule for the day and I alsmost lost it.

  • Shawn

    Dear Everydad,

    I would go bezerk if my wife planned my schedule like that. No wonder the divorce rate has sky-rocketted

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