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“As First Lady Hillary had just one job and I had to outsource that.”
~ Former President Bill Clinton, Attributed1

Lines of Departure - Trump

You know, I’m not quite ready to march in the streets shouting, “Viva Trump! Viva la Junta! Viva! Viva! Viva!” On the other hand, for many a year now I’ve wanted to dance along the yellow brick road with the munchkins while singing, “Ding dong; the wicked witch is dead.”

So I am against a woman being president, right? No, not really. I am against this woman being president. On the other hand, if we could get Margaret Thatcher’s body from the Brits, bring it to Louisiana, assemble as many Voodoo practitioners as we can and import some more from Haiti, resurrect Meg’s corpse and grant her natural citizenship I would happily vote for her. (What’s that? Born, reborn; what’s the difference? And besides, Democrats don’t object to the dead voting – provided, of course, that they vote Democrat – so they can hardly object to the dead running for office.) Sadly, that’s not our choice. Our choice is Hillary or Trump or a hopeless third party candidate, presumably Johnson and Stein.

But Hillary? Look, if Hitler and Hillary were on opposite sides on the same ballot, I’d have to say, “Well, I’m only a quarter Jewish; how bad could Hitler be?”

So, let’s look at Trump, shall we? Yeah, Trump’s vulgar and tacky. Yeah, he’s an adulterer. Yeah, he’s used bankruptcy – though quite legally, be it noted – as a business tool, even though he, himself, has never declared personal bankruptcy.2 Yeah, he sometimes says stupid crap. Yeah, he’s done what nearly every other businessman in the world has done, sucked up to politicians and given money to their campaigns in an attempt to buy influence. And we should attribute no less but also no more sincerity to that than we would to any other businessman who thinks he owes it to his shareholders to fund a congressman or -woman who will stay bought.

Here’s one thing, though; while the Clintons are in politics for the graft and the girls – yes, I suspect both for both of them – selling influence, peddling pardons, soliciting and accepting gifts from foreign entities that no one could call our friends, Trump has all the money he needs and doesn’t have a lot of trouble acquiring trophy wives and girlfriends infinitely better looking than, say, Monica Lewinsky and surely close matches to Elizabeth Ward Gracen.3 4

In other words, when President Trump leaves the White House, the china and furniture will likely remain where it’s supposed to be.

And there’s another thing; Trump is pissed – dare I say “royally pissed”? – at the DC establishment that wants his money but shuns him. There’s a better than fair chance, and a better chance than we’ve had since Reagan who, at the time, had bigger sturgeon to slice, for us to have someone in the White House who may actually purge the bureaucracy that’s taken over the country. Oh, no, he won’t do everything we need and stand the upper echelons of the Agency and State, EPA, Justice, etc., against a wall with the Old Guard providing the firing squads. But he’s fairly likely to trim them badly enough to put the fear of God – which is to say the fear of you and me; “Vox Populi, vox Dei!” – into the remaining swine.

And then there’s what I think is the most important thing, the answer to the question of why Trump is even running. To me, it’s obvious: He doesn’t need graft or girls; he wants a better place in the history books than the one he’s earned so far as “slumlord to the elite.” He wants to earn that better place. This will tend to make him controllable, to make him at least try to keep his campaign promises in a way we haven’t seen since Reagan and defeating the Soviet Union. I expect that wall on our Southern border to go up. I expect him to repudiate the globalist “Free trade” agreements that have allowed the world’s piratical and parasitic “elite” to loot us, Russia, Europe, everyone not of their little class. I expect some bureaucracy trimming. Why? Because he’s such a great guy? No, because he wants that place in the history books.

Conversely, I suspect Hillary intends to, and is sure she can, dictate what the history books will be allowed to say. Don’t think so? What about all those women politicians who walked point; Jeannette Rankin, Cynthia McKinney, Geraldine Ferraro, Lenora Fulani, Hattie Caraway, Linda Jenness and Jill Stein5? They’ve been made unpersons, for all their contributions were recognized at the Democratic convention so that Hillary could look like the trailblazer. Why should Hillary worry about history books when she or her party can dictate their contents, their, for lack of a better word, Pravda?

“Call for Comrade Ogilvy. Comrade Ogilvy, Clinton Campaign Headquarters calling. Comrade Ogilvy to the red phone, please.”




So you still don’t like Trump. I understand; as suggested, there’s a lot there not to like. On the other hand, you’re a reasonable and thoughtful citizen. In other words, you would not trust Hillary dead without a stake being driven through her tiny, tiny heart and her brain being taken out to use as a prop for a remake of Young Frankenstein.

What to do; what to do? You could sit it out, but, as mentioned by many others, sitting it our may help Hillary get at the White House china again. You could vote Johnson, but, Libertarian delusions aside, he’s not going to win and, if he did, his open borders, no offensive military capability platform would be a national disaster worse even than Hillary would be, and that’s not even counting that there is no real difference between offense and defense, in terms of base capability, and only idiots think there is.6

Here’s what I suggest: First, check the polls for your state carefully and conscientiously. Indeed, check the most recent polls – more than one of them; use – the day before the election. If it’s a very safe state for Hillary or a very safe Trump state, you can either stay home in more or less understandable disgust or you can go to the polls and vote for Johnson, Stein, Mickey Mouse, and I’ll say, “Onward, brothers and sisters!”7 Indeed, in that case, I’d encourage you to vote for Johnson. Why? To remind a President Trump that there are some things he needs to do and that he’s not as invulnerable as all that.

But what if it’s not a safe state for anyone? That’s tougher. I can tell you what I’m going to do; I’m going to cast an effective vote against Hillary by voting for Trump. You can let your conscience be your guide. Flip a coin if you like. Just remember that one side of that coin you flip says, “Hillary for President; Death of the Republic.”


I’d quite possibly make between five and ten thousand dollars this electoral season from my first published novel, A State of Disobedience, which outlines my expectations of what a Hillary Clinton presidency is going to be like and to lead to. I always make extra money off that one during an electoral season and this season is really special. No, it’s not a huge amount but it’s not trivial to myself or most folks, either. It’s not, in my not so humble opinion, a great novel. It was my publisher’s idea, which he asked me to write up, and I do not play well with others. Still, if not great as a novel, it is kind of impressive for two things. One is the degree to which it drives lefties bonkers. Go read the one star reviews and you’ll see. The other is its prescience. Forget the date of 2063 on the cover, that was Jim Baen’s marketing ploy. In my mind, and by internal textual evidence, it was always set in and just after 2016.

Call it a gesture of both sincerity and the degree to which I think this election matters; I’m giving the book away from here on out as a free download. You can find it on Baen’s Free Library8, shortly, and on Amazon, shortly after that.9 There are alleged to be some tens of thousands of you guys and gals out there; download the book, read it, encourage your friends to read it, and then contemplate just what name you want to mark down or in the voting booth.


1 This is what we, in the business, call “a joke.” That it’s basically true only makes it funnier.

2 Although I don’t think he would do it, even if he could, and am not at all sure he could do it, even if he would, the idea of President Trump tossing the United States into bankruptcy as a tool of dumping the foreign and denationalized rich-held federal debt does send a little bit of a Chris Matthewsesque tingle up my spine.

3 What, you didn’t know Governor Bill, while married to Hillary, boffed the even now very lovely Miss Arkansas and later Miss America, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, who also later played Amanda on The Highlander? Or that he or Hillary, though I suspect her, allegedly ordered the IRS to go after Elizabeth when she ‘fessed up? “’Have Dick; Will Travel,’ reads the card of a man….” By the way, do you all remember Bill, looking pensive, walking the cliffs overlooking the Normandy beaches, back in 1994? No doubt a lot of people wondered just what he was thinking about. I’m pretty sure I know, and in his native idiom: “Shazzam! If only Ah’d a been alahve and a age back den, jes thinka all dem widow women I coulda…comforted.

4 Oh, you want to know why I hate Bill Clinton’s guts? Because he had the political savvy to have been a truly great, moderate president, but he squandered it for a few bucks, or more likely a few million, and a couple of blowjobs.

5 No, I don’t like their politics for beans, but they were there blazing a trail for Hillary, not the other way around. Major hat tip, huge, to Matt Pethybridge.

6 For the Libertarian who thinks there is, what’s the difference between my “defensive” pistol and a criminal’s “offensive” one. Right, there isn’t any. Or look up “Stollen Verdun” on a google search. What could be more inoffensive than heavy concrete bunkers, right? There are a lot of frankly idiotic planks in the libertarian platform, but the notion that there is such a thing as strictly defensive and offensive is quite possibly the silliest.

7 I’d just as soon you didn’t write me in, as I understand some people do. Not interested.

8 When it shows up it should be here:

9 Wait until the price drops to free.

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Tom Kratman is a retired infantry lieutenant colonel, recovering attorney, and science fiction and military fiction writer. His latest novel, The Rods and the Axe, is available from for $9.99 for the Kindle version, or $25 for the hardback. A political refugee and defector from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, he makes his home in Blacksburg, Virginia. He holds the non-exclusive military and foreign affairs portfolio for EveryJoe. Tom’s books can be ordered through

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