Oklahoma Woman Marries Her Own Daughter, Previously Married Her Son

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An Oklahoma mom not only married one of her sons, but also her own daughter. Patricia Ann Spann and her 25-year-old (yes, biological) daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann were arrested and booked on incest charges last week. The 43-year-old mother listed her last name as “Clayton” on her marriage license with her daughter back in March.

Misty Spann
Misty Spann – Photo by Stephens Country Sheriff’s Department

She also married her own son, Jody Spann Jr., back in 2008. Fifteen months later, he filed for an annulment, ending their marriage and citing “incest” as the reason.

Patricia Spann claims that she lost custody of her three kids several years ago. When she was reunited with her daughter two years ago, they fell for each other. Umm… okay.

Here’s the elder Spann’s mugshot. It looks like those 43 years of life have been long and hard ones.

Patricia Spann
Patricia Spann – Photo by Stephens Country Sheriff’s Department

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