St. Mary’s Church in England Home to Controversial Video

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A bizarre video has churchgoers in the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England feeling. In the rambling 32-minute video, a woman identified only as Janna can be seen performing acts on herself in various public places – including the grounds of the St. Mary’s Church.

“We are going to be undressing and doing all sorts of things in public,” Janna says in the clip before removing her clothing to don a revealing red dress and thigh-high black boots.

(If you want to watch the entire sex tape featuring Janna at the St. Mary’s Church in Sheffield, scroll to the end of this gallery and click on the link. Be warned that the footage is definitely not safe for work!)

At the first stop, filmed behind a building in broad daylight, Janna begins to strip. The voices of a couple can suddenly be heard off-camera, prompting Janna to cover up, but as they walk by, the man jokes: “That’s changed my perception of the day!”

The next stop features Janna sitting behind a graffiti-covered rock situated on the grounds of the Anglican St. Mary’s Church. At the cameraman’s encouragement, Janna nervously begins pleasuring herself for several minutes.

As the video continues, Janna can be spotted at several very public spots throughout the city as she performs increasingly lewd acts. Before the camera stops rolling, Janna is asked how the entire experience felt.

“Yeah, weird. Very good. Intense. Intensely embarrassing at times, but good,” Janna admitted, adding that she plans to go at it again in the future.

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