Cackling Clown Tosses Eggs Before Receiving Warning from Police

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Yet another creepy clown popped, but this time, the freaky prankster was armed with a dozen eggs and a particularly unsettling cackle. In a bizarre video, a man can be seen donning a horrifying mask before driving around his neighborhood and pelting unsuspecting people with eggs.

“It’s crime time!” the creepy clown shouts with glee before selecting an egg and tossing it out the window, cackling all the while.

The video was originally posted to Facebook by a man from Wales named Phillip Rupert Davies, who admitted to being the clown in question. Although the clip was meant to be all in good fun, Davies admits that he was stopped by the police for his antics.

“Just had the cops stop me and give me a telling off for clowning around. They said it might scare kids,” he posted on his social media page. “The purge is over.”

Given the unpopularity of the creepy clown craze, Davies’ video was met with a swarm of hostility. However, the jokester simply laughed off the hate.

“All I’m doing is providing a FREE egg delivery service. You don’t see the post man or milk man getting moaned at!” he cheekily noted.

Although the creepy clown phenomenon started in the United States, it appears to have spread to Britain over the last few weeks, with an increasing number of unnerving sightings throughout the UK.

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