Funny! Cassandra Channels Trump to Get Rid of Clingy Guy

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Next time you get stuck in a weird conversation that you desperately want to exit, look no further than the presidential debate transcripts. That’s what one 22-year-old girl from Canada did, and it turned out to be absolutely hilarious.

Cassandra, who describes herself as an “emo witch” and is known as cassbwell on social media, had been going on dates with this dude for a while when he started becoming clingy. Their conversation started off decently, but the guy quickly began to reek of desperation.

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“How many other guys are you talking to? Haha,” the guy asked.

“We never said we were exclusive,” Cassandra fired back. She then proceeded to deliver a Trump-esque speech about ISIS, one that nearly matched word-for-word the answer that Trump gave Anderson Cooper when asked about sexual assault.

“Yes, I’m talking to other men and I’m very embarrassed by it,” Cassandra eventually admits, before wrapping up the message with a promise to “knock the hell out of ISIS.”

According to Cassandra – whose tweet about the anti-terrorist breakup text went viral – she kept channeling her inner Donald Trump until the creeper just stopped responding. While she does not support Trump, Cassandra can certainly be thankful that he helped her out of that awkward situation.

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