Video: Was Bigfoot Just Discovered in Indonesia?

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Bigfoot conspiracy theorists might finally have footage that they can point to as proof of the legendary humanoid creature’s existence, but the location of his hideout is probably not what they expected.

Shaky footage obtained in Indonesia seems to show a hulking bipedal creature walking through an area with heavy vegetation. The video shows the potential Bigfoot walking underneath a waterfall somewhere in the Southeast Asian country.

While the footage seems to show a figure that resembles the popular perception of what Bigfoot would look like, the mythical creature has always been thought to reside somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

The vast majority of Bigfoot sightings have taken place in California, Oregon, Washington, and western Canada, but the latest video marks a rare sighting halfway across the globe.

Naturally, a slew of skeptics has already stepped forward to discredit the sighting as yet another case of conspiracy nonsense.

“Perhaps it’s a very skinny tall person carrying a plastic bucket to the river,” one commenter said, while another echoed: “It’s just a plastic bucket with a PERSON attached to it.”

Other commenters have insisted that the mysterious figure is probably just a black bear, the explanation that many skeptics give to discount North American Bigfoot sightings. However, large black bears are not native to Indonesia.

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