Everyone is Talking About This Couple That Met Each Other on a TV Show

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A pair of British strangers, one of them a self-appointed “heartthrob” and the other a transgender woman named Jossy Yendall, fell for each other within moments after meeting each other for the first time – and seeing each other nearly naked.

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The bizarre first date is part of a TV program called “Undressed,” which originated in Italy but has now been picked up by TLC for the UK market. Potential couples are allowed to undress each other before climbing into bed and getting to know one another.

Chris Morris, 26, describes himself as a stud who has no problem finding women to sleep with him, but now, he’s looking for something more. The 30-year-old Jossy transitioned into a woman at age 17 and has been seeking love ever since.

Morris claims that he immediately felt a strong attraction toward Ms. Yendall, noting that he has been intimate with transgender women before and feels like there is no problem with it, despite a perceived stigma among his friends.

Jossy did not want to be typecast as a transgender person on the show, as she considers herself to be a full-fledged woman. She does hope to serve as a role model for young transgender people who might not have anyone in the media to look up to.

As for the fledgling couple – who has not yet kissed, since Ms. Yendall refuses to kiss on the first date – they are allegedly texting back and forth to set up a second date.

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