Woah! Teen Girl Suffers Seizure After Body Slammed During Fight

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A teenaged girl from California was gruesomely body slammed after getting into a fight with a boy over a phone. The shocking incident – which was captured on cell phone video by an onlooker – gave the young girl a seizure and left her unable to stand for several moments.

In the clip, 15-year-old Holly Wrixon can be seen arguing with Morgan Johnson, also a teenager, on a residential driveway surrounded by a group of friends. The two engage an expletive-filled rant against each other, with Wrixon demanding that Johnson apologize.

When Johnson refuses, Wrixon takes things from verbal to physical. She begins slapping and punching Johnson as he tries to hold her hands still.

“If you touch me, I swear!” Wrixon says, moments before Johnson hoists the struggling teen over his shoulder and slams her onto the ground with a resounding thud.

Wrixon appears to have been knocked unconscious by the devastating wrestling move, prompting her friends to scold and attack Johnson. Her friends try to help her to stand up, but Wrixon seems disoriented and unstable.

The video originally hit the Internet when Wrixon uploaded it to Twitter. She later removed the video at the request of her father, but not before shooting down rumors that she suffers from epileptic seizures.

No word has surfaced as to whether any parties involved will face criminal charges.

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