Fitness Model is Angry That Her Fit Pregnant Body Got Her Suspended on Instagram

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A popular Instagram fitness model had her account suspended for posting workout videos that showed off her baby bump. Now, Brittany Perille is speaking out against the system, angry that her pregnant body could be flagged and censored for “nudity.”

The 27-year-old has nearly one million Instagram followers who tune in to watch her workout videos. Perille claims that some viewers who were upset by how her six-months-pregnant body is developing decided to flag her videos as inappropriate.

Here’s the banned video that got her suspended:

The mom-to-be had previously only posted videos in which she still had her washboard abs. As soon as she uploaded a video showing off her bare belly, Perille noted, her account got locked. Although one of her pregnancy pictures had been removed from the site before, Perille claims that she never violated Instagram’s rules against nudity.

The fitness star also claims that she has been receiving a slew of hateful messages about her size, with trolls taunting that she is too pregnant and too out of shape to post pictures and videos that show her body.

Perille believes that those attitudes reflect out-of-date beliefs about pregnant women that promote the idea that they should remain bedbound and out of public view.

She also revealed that her Instagram suspension has negatively harmed her business by slowing traffic to her website and costing her crucial sponsorships.

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