Former Tennis Star Says His Daughter Looks Anorexic. What Do You Think?

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A Russian teen model who has already made waves in the competitive industry has been accused by her tennis star father of being anorexic.

Alesya Kafelnikova is an Instagram sensation from Moscow who claims that she earns roughly $3,000 each day as a model. However, 42-year-old father Yevgeny Kafelnikov, a former world No. 1 tennis player, believes that the pressure his daughter faces could lead to her untimely death.

Alesya – who first shot to fame at age 16 when she released an Instagram video that was criticized for being overly sexual – insists that she hovers between 108 and 110 lbs and believes that such a figure is industry standard for a model.

Her father corroborated reports that Alesya’s weight had actually fallen to a perilous 95 lbs and blamed her nearly 300,000 Instagram followers for supporting her continued weight loss.

The teen idol frequently posts pictures that show off her worryingly bony frame, but commenters seem to love them regardless, heaping praise upon Alesya and begging her to reveal her diet secrets.

Alesya has acknowledged the fact that her father calls her “anorexic” in several interviews, but she also believes that she will no longer be able to find work as a model if she “gets better.”

A recent appearance at Moscow Fashion Week seems to have persuaded many of her former critics, but Alesya’s father continues to beg the public to help him convince his daughter to address her body issues.

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