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The radiant Stacey Elyse Tonkes is a virtual resident of tropical island paradises around the world. This bronzed babe from Australia makes it a point to travel to Bali at least twice a year, which she refers to as her second home, and she’s always game to explore other remote getaways.

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Stacey is a professional model who specializes in swimwear, and it’s plain to see why: she’s got a toned and statuesque bod, a mesmerizingly perfect tan, and a great love of the outdoors. Whether she’s getting paid or not, Stacey will probably be at some beach looking sexy regardless.

With over 300k Instagram followers, Stacey has become something of a sensation thanks to her enviable lifestyle and her unbelievable looks. However, this humble sweetheart credits her mom with all of her success.

Stacey learned all her fitness secret from her mother, who was a regular at her gym for 30 years, even during much of her 4-year battle with cancer. When Stacey’s mother passed away, she decided to honor her legacy by dedicating herself to fulfilling her dreams.

In addition to her modeling career, Stacey has dabbled in product endorsement, helping to sell the products she uses to achieve her sun-kissed look. She hopes to start her own business one day, but for now, Stacey is definitely enjoying a carefree life.

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