Report: FBI Probe Into Clinton Foundation Finds Crooked Behavior

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The FBI has set the Clinton Foundation in its crosshairs, and what it has allegedly uncovered throughout its investigation of the shadowy organization will undoubtedly lead to an indictment, sources close to the matter have said.

Speaking to Fox News under the condition of anonymity, these sources claim that the Clintons have used the foundation as a front for a pay-to-play operation through which wealthy foreign entities could exchange donations for influence.

The Clinton Foundation reportedly came under suspicion when a probe into a different corruption case unearthed a person willing to speak about the so-called charitable organization’s criminal activities. While the Justice Department initially tried to run interference, FBI Director James Comey decided to move forward.

In addition to WikiLeaks bombshells, sources say that federal investigators have collected a substantial amount of evidence as part of a probe into the Clinton Foundation that has been described as “very high priority.”

Indictments are a virtual certainty unless the Justice Department orders the FBI to stand down, according to this report. Tensions between the two bureaus remain high, with the FBI eager to investigate claims of corruption and the Justice Department, headed by Clinton associate Loretta Lynch, seemingly desperate to avoid scrutiny.

While the Clinton Foundation corruption allegedly has direct ties to Hillary, rival Donald Trump believes that the Obama administration will do whatever it takes to avoid prosecuting her.

“The system is rigged. Just remember that,” he said during a Thursday rally in Jacksonville. “Reports also show the political leadership at the Department of Justice is trying to protect Hillary Clinton, and is interfering with the FBI’s criminal investigation.”

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