Exclusive Interview with Mike Cernovich, Author of ‘MAGA Mindset’

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A couple days ago, we here at EveryJoe.com published an in-depth review of Mike Cernovich’s latest book entitled MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again. Today, we completed an interview with the author to talk about Donald Trump’s victory, free speech, the future of media, and much more.


EveryJoe: In your book, MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again, you claim that America’s motto might as well be “You can’t say that!” due to oppressive political correctness. How can individuals reclaim their free speech and fight back against outrage culture?

Mike Cernovich: Free speech in America is in a strange place. On the one hand, people are self-censoring due to fear of negative feedback. Americans are speaking out less than ever in history. Online hate mobs have ruined lives.

On the other side, there has never been more opportunity for free speech. Social media allows us to bypass fake news media gatekeepers, to share our message directly with the people. You can write a blog, start a podcast, create a YouTube channel, and even using social media platforms (although the future of these are less certain) like Twitter and Facebook to spread your message to the entire world.

People can support free speech by speaking truth to power, perhaps anonymously as a commentator. You can also share links to articles and video you find compelling. Those who aren’t in a position to speak publicly, due to the real risk of backlash, can also support those who share a positive and high impact message by providing resources to truth tellers.

EJ: You wrote and published MAGA Mindset weeks before Trump won the election. At the time, nearly every poll had Hillary Clinton winning by a comfortable margin, but the book hinges on a Trump victory. Was that kind of bold move an example of the MAGA mindset in action?

MC: Yes! That was a meta-move of mine. How can I expect people to trust my writing if I don’t live it?

I went all in on my beliefs. Had Trump lost, my own credibility would have been destroyed. In MAGA Mindset, readers learn how to think big and make bold moves. The first lesson was taught in real-time by my choice to release MAGA Mindset before the election.

Publishing a book explaining why Trump won when the “experts” said he would lose is an example of the MAGA Mindset in action.

EJ: At EveryJoe, we recently published an article that explained how Gamergate elected Donald Trump. Do you think Gamergate played a role in the election?

MC: Gamergate was the first pushback against the thought police. Before Gamergate, people who supported free speech felt isolated and alone. Gamergate showed that millions of people support free speech.

Moreover, Gamergate exposed unethical journalism of all types. People began trusting the media less than ever before. While I wouldn’t say Gamergate got Trump elected, it was a powerful force for free speech.

EJ: When Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as his attorney general, many on the left rushed to label Sessions as racist. Why does the left still rely so much on “-ist” and “-phobe” labels to denounce conservatives when that tactic clearly backfired in the general election?

MC: The left is out of arguments. They lack intellectual rigor. They don’t even have any ideas. What does the left stand for other than victimization? The left is so eager to live the victim mindset that they create hate crime hoaxes.

Lacking any strong policy positions, the left’s only attack is to call names.

EJ: What do you make of the “fake news” scandal? Are Facebook and Google really trying to silence conservative voices?

MC: Fake news is a real problem. Pundits claimed the polls showing Hillary Clinton would win the election were accurate. Everyone who suggested the polls were flawed faced attacks. Fake news media claimed there was a rape by Duke lacrosse players. Fake news media claimed the Rolling Stone rape story was something other than a hoax. Fake news media claimed Hillary Clinton was in perfect health (until she collapsed due to a seizure after a 9/11 Memorial).

As we’ve seen, the experts were wrong. The New York Times (owned by a Mexican monopolist who has robbed Mexicans of billions of dollars) is fake news.

EJ: Many Trump supporters are backing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, whose nationalist-conservative message resembles Trump’s. Are we seeing the rejection of globalism take hold in other countries?

MC: Nationalism is part of the global zeitgeist. People who have been treated as nothing more than cogs in a massive global machine are fighting back by reclaiming their humanity. Those who view human beings as nothing more than cattle are on their way out.

EJ: In MAGA Mindset, you state that the mainstream media is dead. If so, what will replace it as the go-to news source for the majority of American people?

MC: Wikileaks showed that people want original source information and original materials. Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube allow people to stream news as it happens live.

As I showed in my documentary on the RNC and DNC, the fake news media has a narrative that is pushed.

Wikileaks proved that the DNC takes its marching orders from the DNC. Some great examples can be found on my website.

EJ: Thank you, Mr. Cernovich.


Read the review of MAGA Mindset or click here to purchase it.

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