Charlie Sheen “Defends” Begging God To Kill Trump

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It appears that Charlie Sheen has come unhinged yet again: this time, the loony actor took to Twitter to publicly beg God to let President-elect Donald Trump become the next celebrity to die in the wake of several widely-mourned deaths.

“Dear God,” Sheen wrote, before repeating the phrase “Trump next, please” six times and signing off with a middle finger emoji and a copyright symbol.

Following the passing of singer George Michael, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, and Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds in rapid succession, Sheen decided to implore a higher power to target Trump for the next high-profile death.

While Sheen’s misguided message has received nearly 88,000 likes and several comments indicating support for the sentiment, other social media users have blasted the famously addled actor for the tacky tweet, questioning his mental stability.

The outrage prompted Sheen to follow up with an odd defense of sorts, in which he seems to stretch his vocabulary to suggest that the tweet was directed at God, not Trump or anyone else — which somehow makes it all acceptable.

Sheen became a butt of many jokes when he underwent a very public meltdown while starring on the sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” and his self-destruction eventually ended up getting him kicked off the show. He captivated the media’s attention after a number of awkward public appearances and bizarre Twitter ramblings.

In 2015, Sheen re-entered the spotlight when he announced that he was HIV-positive and discovered shortly thereafter that he had slept with multiple partners without disclosing his status.

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