Merkel Will Double Down On Mass Migration Policies In New Year

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel used her New Year’s address as a platform to reaffirm Germany’s commitment to open borders under her administration, promising that her country will battle terrorism not with weapons, but with compassion.

While Merkel conceded that Islamic terrorism will prove one of Germany’s most significant problems in the coming years, she directed blame away from refugees by insisting that terrorist attacks – like the Berlin Christmas market tragedy – are actually attacks on the country’s “welcome culture.”

Her administration, Merkel continued, will establish new security measures to prohibit radical Jihadist elements from entering Germany. However, Merkel declined to suggest or hint at any changes to her open-doors mass migration policies that have awakened a growing nationalist insurgency in German politics.

Despite the fact that over one million immigrants have entered Germany thanks to Merkel’s policies, the vast majority of whom were not subject to even cursory vetting procedures, she insisted that “[the] state is doing everything to ensure its citizens’ security in freedom.”

In closing, Merkel expressed confidence for the coming year and called on Germans to adopt “an open view of the world.”

The refugee crisis that has taken Europe by storm in the last two years has proven particularly problematic for Germany, which has suffered a bloody series of Islamic terror attacks since 2015. Germany’s economy has also struggled to accommodate the wealth of taxpayer-funded social services that migrants enjoy once they arrive in Germany.

Watch Merkel’s New Year address with English subtitles below:

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