Tucker Carlson Obliterates Meryl Streep Over Golden Globes Rant

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Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson took Hollywood actress Meryl Streep to task for her controversial Golden Globes invective against Donald Trump, in which she tearfully criticized the president-elect for allegedly mocking a disabled reporter.

In a segment of the Monday episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson invited conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham to discuss Streep’s rant, which she criticized as “tedious and pedestrian.”

While Ingraham praised Streep as a “phenomenal actress,” she also blasted the speech as hypocritical and indulgent.

“It’s a little bit selfish to be on stage, and you’re being honored for your work in film, and you decide to take that platform and turn it into a political speech,” Ingraham opined. “Why turn off half of America?”

Tucker then chimed in with his own rebuke of Streep’s rant, which he labeled as “not so much a political speech, but a sermon.”

“The undertone of it – the subtext – was, ‘I’m a good person, and you have fallen short, Mr. and Mrs. Trump voter of America,’” Carlson said.

Later, Carlson called Streep out for criticizing Trump’s immigration and blasting him as a bigot when she has not personally extended an invitation to house Syrian refugees in her “massive estate” in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Watch Carlson and Ingraham destroy Streep in the full interview below:

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