Germany Justifies the Burning of a Jewish Synagogue by Jihadis

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Angela Merkel’s Germany Justifies the Burning of a Jewish Synagogue by Jihadis:
The Same Synagogue Was Burned in 1938 With The Same Excuses

This past year, the supposed intellectual elites in our culture have on more than one occasion responded to a series of defeats in their left-wing agenda with tut-tutting dismay. Brexit, the Trump victory, various other European votes that were clear condemnations of the EU, the rise of populist and nationalist movements, the stands taken by countries like Poland and Hungary against the EU agenda – each of these things, they claimed, are going to be the ruin of us all.

They see the people of Europe standing up to them as a kind of ‘barbarian invasion’ and the end of what they consider culture. This is ironic, coming from a group of people who cheered the arrival of millions of Islamist migrants into Europe, and excused the various atrocities the more radical among these have committed over and over again.

Now the Italian referendum has led to the fall of that country’s Matteo Renzi. And the French establishment-left has collapsed so badly that Francois Hollande gave up even the notion of trying to run for re-election. In fact, the French leftist media has decided they’re not even going to try to fake polls like we saw in the United States. They’re just going to refuse to run polls, which tells you how badly doomed they feel. Now only Angela Merkel still holds shakily on to power and to the EU-leftist agenda. All her friends are gone. She is Euro-Globalism’s Last Woman Standing.

After these fresh blows, these elitist experts have been telling us for these last few months in all the establishment media about how Angela Merkel’s Germany is the “last hope for liberal values in Europe”. What Liberal values are those, exactly?

Because this week the news came out that a German higher court has upheld the decision that the violent arson committed on the Jewish Synagogue in the German town of Wuppertal was “justified.”

Here’s the story: a couple of years back three Muslim immigrants celebrated the end of Ramadan by throwing molotov cocktails into the Synagogue, which only days before had been subjected to a spray-painting act of anti-semitic vandalism. Fortunately, someone noticed the flames and reported it, and the fire was put out before it could consume the building and without any deaths, this time. But it caused 800 Euros in damage. The three men were caught and arrested, but incredibly the lower court in Wuppertal gave all three suspended sentences. It claimed that their attempted destruction of the Synagogue was justified because it was a “criticism of Israel” and the young men were simply trying to “draw attention” to the suffering of Muslims.

It would have been mind-boggling, even ten years ago, to imagine something like this happening. To imagine a situation where the victims of a horrific hate-crime could be somehow turned into the guilty party themselves because of race-based ideological discrimination by a political elite.

Of course, in Germany, this would not have been quite so mind boggling 80 years ago. In fact, in a disgusting turn of events, the previous Synagogue in Wuppertal, like so many others in Germany, was burned to the ground in the event now known as “Krystallnacht” in November 1938.

Back then, the German authorities of the time also justified horrific acts of destruction against the Jewish community, claiming that it was a consequence of Jewish abuses over the German people. Just like their grandchildren have done now on behalf of their Muslim allies who they paint as ‘victims of imperialism’. Back then, it was in the service of the racial-supremacist Nazi fascism. Today, it is in the service of leftist globalism with its warped and twisted notions of identity-politics.

Ironically, one of the ways this globalist agenda became so powerful in Europe was by invoking the specter of Nazi atrocities. The horrors of World War II and the Holocaust convinced a whole generation of Western-European (and American) Marxist intellectuals that the foundations of western civilization itself needed to be dismantled in an act of penitence or revenge for what had happened. This was naturally especially appealing to Germans, since it suggested that all of western culture was to blame for what had happened, rather than some deep flaw in their specific national character.

In this massive, decades-long program of deconstruction, the leftist intellectual elites have attempted to punish our civilization for its crimes against social justice by tearing down the most fundamental western concepts: certainly things like faith, the family, aesthetic standards, any sense of trust in institutions, patriotism, property rights, the value of duty and service, or the discipline and dignity of work.

But they also eroded civilization on a much deeper level, trying to corrupt our values of Individualism (and with it, individual rights), our tradition definitions of equality (and with it the notion that everyone should be treated the same way and held to the same standards), and even our most fundamental methods of understanding what is Truth. They replaced the standards of logic and reason which dated all the way to our foundations in the Greek city-states with a notion that whatever the right people ‘feel’ is true should be accepted as the narrative of truth. And with it, increasingly, they have destroyed even the ability to defend right from wrong.

All those things that the Euro-Globalists have intentionally rotted away are the true values of “Liberal Europe.” The values of the age of Reason, the Enlightenment. They are the basis of democracy, of all human rights, and of liberty. And in the name of democracy, rights and liberty these monsters have wiped out all our standards, to replace them with an end result indistinguishable from Kristallnacht.

There are anti-Semitic groups within the nationalist right in Europe, and they should be fought. But there is no group in Europe as virulently anti-Semitic in such shockingly large numbers as the Salafist Islamist extremists who have been terrorizing Jewish populations in western Europe to the extent that a new exodus of Jews from Europe has taken place. It is the unvetted waves of Muslim immigrants, encouraged to come in the millions by the Euro-globalists, and the hateful extremist jihadi-Islamism they bring with them, that has terrified the Jewish people of Europe.

These are a people, by the way, who are very much a part of European western civilization and helped form our liberal values. But now, just as Germany once abandoned them and most of our civilization’s values to the service of the insanity of Nazism, Europe has again abandoned the Jewish people to the point that the Simon Wiesenthal center has had to warn Jews traveling to Europe to hide any religious symbols and not speak Hebrew in public.

But while it is the Islamist jihadis who have been the “boots on the ground” of burning Synagogues and killing utterly innocent Jews, it is the European leftist intellectual elites who have empowered, enabled, and justified their actions. Angela Merkel is not the last hope of European Liberal Values, she’s the one most responsible for a state of affairs where these values are so endangered that German Jews must fear for their lives more than they have at any time since the fall of the Nazi Third Reich.

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