Mother Opens Home To Refugee; He Rapes Her 10-Year-Old Daughter

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A Swedish mother benevolently decided to open up her home to a refugee from Eritrea, vacating her 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom in order to make room for the supposedly sympathetic man. In return, he proceeded to rape the little girl – a crime for which Swedish authorities do not see fit to deport him.

The nightmarish incident took place in 2015, when the mother of three invited two so-called “unaccompanied children” to live in her home. 10-year-old Emma had to sacrifice her own space and move into her mother’s bedroom to accommodate the refugees.

One night while Emma was sleeping, she felt a sudden and painful squeeze on her breast. Isaac had sneaked into the bedroom intent on molesting the young girl.

Emma was too terrified to tell her mother what had happened, so instead she told a friend. Word of the sickening incident eventually made its way back to Emma’s older brother, who eventually forced Isaac to admit to inappropriately touching the young girl – a confession he recanted when questioned by police.

Throughout the subsequent investigation, Isaac’s age came into question: he claimed to have been ten years old when he started school in Eritrea and studied for seven years, a period that concluded two years prior to the incident. Somehow, Swedish authorities determined that he was fifteen years old.

Instead of a more substantive punishment for his gross misdeeds, though, Isaac was sentenced to counseling so that he could “learn to control his impulses” and “process any previous experiences in life.” He will comfortably remain in Sweden.

Emma, meanwhile, has reportedly begged her older brother not to move out of the family home until Isaac is gone, fearing that the refugee will continue his pattern of illicit sexual abuse.

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