Reddit Is Tampering With Pro-Trump Posts Again

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Reddit’s pro-Donald Trump community, r/The_Donald, has accused the social news commentary site’s administrators of once again manipulating vote totals in order to suppress its posts after a popular submission was effectively scrubbed from the site.

As announced by r/The_Donald moderator OhSnapYouGotServed, a post entitled, “The official portrait of our President should be the #1 most upvoted post in reddit’s history,” managed to reach r/all by amassing a large number of upvotes.

Shortly thereafter, however, the post’s thousands of upvotes were nullified and the new total simply read “0,” an unlikely occurrence without admin tampering being involved.

The r/The_Donald moderation team reached out to Reddit administrators about the issue and received a sketchy reply:

“We’re not seeing any bots or anything like that. It appears to be more related to the delays on vote processing,” the admin response read in part. “The post initially did very well in your community, as would be expected, but the title is pretty clearly antagonistic towards the ‘greater reddit community…’”

In true r/The_Donald form, the mod team’s official response was utterly defiant. “No amounts of downvotes, cuckery, bots, suppression, triggering, whatever… WILL CHANGE THE FACT THAT TOMORROW DONALD J. TRUMP WILL OFFICIALLY BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! MAGA!”

Last November, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman admitted to stealthily editing r/The_Donald users’ comments without leaving any trace that he had, prompting users across the site to rally against the perceived abuse of power.

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