Ann Coulter Gives Trump An A+++ For His First Two Weeks In Office

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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has offered glowing praise for President Donald Trump after his first two weeks in office, granting the newly-minted commander-in-chief an “A+++” for rapidly fulfilling several of his key campaign promises despite immense blowback from the media.

During a Friday appearance on Breitbart News Daily, Coulter told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow how happy she is with Trump at the helm of the country.

“It’s so fantastic to have a politician who does what he says he’s going to do. It’s stunning. And it’s been fun,” she gushed.

Coulter went on to set her sights on the leftist protesters behind the Women’s March and the Berkeley riots, whom she blasted as “animals” and “Nazis” for violently suppressing free speech and expression on several occasions.

As for Trump’s accomplishments, Coulter praised his executive orders enabling construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall and enacting an immigration ban on seven terror-prone countries.

“I do think he needs to include a few more countries,” she opined. “The New York Times has persuaded me of that, and there’s very little the New York Times has persuaded me of recently.”

Coulter called on Trump to extend the “three or four month” halt on visas even longer to give federal authorities the chance to come up with “better vetting procedures,” claiming that many refugee and asylum applications are “riven with fraud, just shocking amounts of fraud.”

Although she gave Trump top marks for his first two weeks, she did offer some constructive criticism: the president should forewarn the American people about his executive orders and explain his logic beforehand so that he can preempt criticism on the part of the media, which Coulter claims is “hysterically opposed to Trump.”

Listen to Friday’s Breitbart News Daily below:

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