How Leaked Video And Meme Led To This Woman’s Suicide

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A 31-year-old beauty from Italy tragically took her own life after several videos that she sent to a group of friends ended up going viral. It wasn’t the explicit content that turned into a meme, though: at one point, while realizing that she is being filmed, Tiziana Cantone turned to the camera and said, “You’re making a video? Bravo!”

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Tiziana originally sent the videos, which show her performing numerous sex acts with several different men, to a group of five people on WhatsApp. One of the recipients included on-again off-again boyfriend Sergio Di Palo, who is suspected of uploading the content to adult websites without Tiziana’s consent.

However, Tiziana’s apparent enthusiasm about being caught on tape proved hilarious to many viewers, who quickly transformed her words into a catchphrase of sorts. Social media users would sprinkle in the quip as a lighthearted in-joke, while some enterprising folks even created T-shirts in homage to the meme.

What they presumably didn’t know was that Tiziana was absolutely devastated by her sudden viral status. When her initial attempts to get the videos taken down failed, Tiziana filed a lawsuit claiming that they were made public without her consent.

In September 2016, a Naples court sided with Tiziana and ordered a slew of adult websites and search engines to take the video down. It also slapped Tiziana with an order to pay a whopping $21,600 in legal costs related to the suit.

Tiziana had been living with her mother, Maria Teresa Giglio, throughout the court proceedings in an effort to retreat from her sudden time in the spotlight. Just a few days after the court’s ruling, Maria Teresa said goodbye to her daughter and went to work, only to receive a heartbreaking call a few hours later.

Even after her tragic suicide, Tiziana’s videos can still be found online. Her case has prompted a renewed interest in the problem of “revenge porn” in Italian media, and Tiziana’s ex-boyfriend was interrogated by prosecutors for 10 hours to determine if he had a role in causing her death.

Tiziana’s mother hopes that her daughter’s morbid tale will save other women from having to suffer as she did.

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