Why This Lotto Winner Is Suing The Lottery

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Jane Park is proving that it’s not just Americans who file absolutely stupid lawsuits. Back in 2013, at the age of 17, Park became Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner. Today, she’s suing the lottery bosses for negligence.

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Apparently, winning £1million has “ruined her life” and she believes that it should be impossible for someone that young to win such a big prize. Now that she’s 21, she claims her life is worse because of her fortune.

Having recently pled guilty to drinking and driving at a McDonald’s, she says that it’s been hard to find a boyfriend who isn’t after her money and that people look at her and think “I wish I had her lifestyle, I wish I had her money.” Despite her possessions, she claims she’s dealing with a lot of stress and that her “life is empty.”

How much older does she think the minimum age should be for taking home the jackpot? 18. One whole year older than she was when she won. Is this woman serious?

Her problems, she believes, stem from the fact that she didn’t fully understand how having money would change her life. Jane actually said: “My nana Anne told me, ‘You might as well have given me a gun.’ I was like, ‘Nana, what are you talking about? This is the best thing ever?’ But now I totally agree. She was saying you can’t give a 17-year-old that amount of money.”

One interesting detail is that Camelot, the company responsible for running EuroMillions, made an effort to help Jane adjust to her new life. They even appointed an advisor tasked with showing her how to manage her money.

That wasn’t good enough for Jane, of course. She explained: “I was stuck in front of a financial adviser who was using words like ­investment bonds. I had no clue what they meant.”
So learn! There are plenty of people who are capable of being responsible and informed at 17 years old. There is no excuse for this!

Instead of relying on an expert for advice, Jane says that she was able to curb her spending through the help of her family – but not before splurging on Louis Vuitton bags and a Chihuahua that she no longer cares for (she dumped the dog on her aunt)!

Jane also bought a brand-new purple Range Rover but complained that it was “far too big” and that it made people look at her. Uhhhh, it’s a Range Rover and it was purple. Does this girl have absolutely no common sense?

As for travelling, Jane claims that she doesn’t “go on holiday that much, about four times a year.” Okay, most people consider that a lot of vacationing. Her reasoning is that it could be a lot more but that she has to wait until her friends can go with her. They avoid Maldives, though, because “you can’t go and get absolutely hammered” like you can in Benidorm.

She’s definitely proving that, at 21, she’s much more mature and ready to be responsible with her money! Meanwhile, Camelot says that Parliament must make the decision about the minimum age limit for playing the lottery.

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