Girl, 20, Arrested After String Of Bank Robberies

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There are people in life who strive to be overachievers. It’s great when this is for something positive like sports but it’s very different when your goal in life is to be a career criminal. It’s clear, however, that Adrianna Frye-Williamson is all about having the wrong priorities.

Frye-Williamson has been implicated with three bank robberies in Southern Illinois. If movies like Heat or Ocean’s Eleven are any indication, planning and executing a robbery requires patience and skill. You certainly wouldn’t want to just do these back-to-back.

The Springfield resident must have overestimated her own skill set, though, because she hit all three of those banks within two months! How stupid can you be? At least, give people in the area time to forget details so that you don’t get connected to all three crimes! Wow.

Police arrested Frye-Williamson after several police departments worked with the FBI on a combined investigation. It took them just 24 hours after her last heist took places at the U.S. Bank in Glen Carbon.

How did they get her? The description of the perpetrator matched the other robberies in the neighborhood. It didn’t take long for detectives to connect the dots.

The worst part is that she’s just 20 years old. Barely out of her teens, this is what she’s made of her life. That’s extremely sad and more than a little depressing. While other people her age are just figuring out who they are and starting their lives, she’s probably facing a lengthy prison sentence.

Currently, the young woman is sitting in the St. Clair County Jail and no bond has been issued. Let’s hope she’s able to afford a good lawyer. She’s going to need one!

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