What This Sick Man Did To A Poor Dog Got Him Arrested

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Okay, this one is just too much. Reading through headlines every day, I see some pretty shocking stuff. Once in awhile, though, I come across something that makes me want to just leave this world and never look back. This is one of those days.

If you’ve ever owned a home, you will know that maintaining the yard is one of the most annoying things (unless, of course, you are one of those people who actually enjoy mowing, tilling, and raking). If you’ve got the money, you might be tempted to hire a landscaper. After all, who wouldn’t feel relieved to put their lawn care into the hands of a trusted professional?

There are people out there, though, who just want to ruin everyone’s life and Cruz Barrera-Lugo is one of them. This fool was hired to work for a family in the Atlanta area but the only landscaping in his future will probably be on the grounds of a prison.

A man and his nephew were out enjoying their day, playing in the yard when they spotted Barrera-Lugo engaging in some horrifying behavior – he was participating in “a lewd sexual act” with their dog.

WHAT?! Do you have any idea what would happen if I could someone sexually abusing my family pet? Who wouldn’t lose their mind?

While the 61-year-old reportedly fled from the scene as soon as he realized he’d been caught, the whole thing was captured on video. After being taken into custody, police charged him with bestiality and cruelty to children.

It’s unclear what he did to children to earn that charge but, I guess, it’s enough that a kid had to watch him getting down with a dog. What is wrong with people? This is just one of those crimes that doesn’t even make sense. How did this even happen?

It just goes to show, you should never trust anyone else to trim your bushes. 

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