How Amy Jackson Was Hacked At A Mobile Store

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British Bollywood star Amy Jackson is considering legal action after an unknown culprit managed to gain access to her private cellphone while she was at an electronics retailer in Mumbai and leaked dozens of her pictures to social media – all without the starlet having any clue it was happening.

“This isn’t a trivial matter,” said Jackson, who hails from the Isle of Man and was discovered by an Indian film producer after she won Miss Teen World in 2009.

Jackson was in Mumbai to catch a connecting flight to Chennai when her cellphone started malfunctioning, necessitating a trip to a mobile store. There, someone – possibly a store employee – gained access to the iCloud account to which all of her personal pics were synced. When she got back to London, she realized that she had lost access to her account altogether.

It wasn’t until she came across a picture online that she had never posted anywhere that Jackson realized her pics had been leaked. After she files a criminal complaint in London, Jackson intends to return to Mumbai and take up the case with local authorities as well.

Jackson, who has millions of followers across her Instagram and Twitter accounts, rose to prominence as a highly successful pageant queen in the UK. She is currently one of the biggest film stars in India and is set to appear in the country’s most expensive flick to date, a sci-fi thriller with a budget of around $60 million that will release in October.

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