Meet This Inspirational Model From The Middle Of Nowhere In Canada

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If you’ve ever travelled to Canada, you will know that the middle part of the country, most notably Saskatchewan and Manitoba, aren’t known for much other than being the nation’s “wheat basket.” It’s all farms, cows and flatlands. There’s a joke that you can see your dog run away from home for days and days because there is nothing to obstruct your view.

Clearly, though, times are changing and cities such as Saskatoon are growing and becoming more cosmopolitan. It’s not a moment too soon since one local model has emerged from the prairies to take on the fashion industry.

Shalaine Bouvier is a member of Canada’s Indigenous population. Grown from humble beginnings, she’s been working as a model for the past 10 years in Saskatoon. She must have been completely bowled over, therefore, when designer Helen Oro chose her to hit the catwalk during London Fashion Week.

Bouvier reacted: “I can only hope to inspire Aboriginal youth to follow their dreams… It’s huge for somebody from Saskatoon.”

This collaboration is doubly inspiring for Canada’s Indigenous peoples as Oro is also of the community. Her fashions are a tribute to her heritage and features fine bead work.

One agent, Masala Model and Talent owner, Paula Collins, summed up the importance of this moment in Bouvier’s career best by saying: “She is the first Indigenous model for [the Saskatoon mall] Midtown Plaza and we are so, so proud of that.”

What an incredible journey. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of Bouvier’s international career in the fashion industry.

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