Did Kim Jong-un Have Female Agents Kill His Half-Brother?

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According to Malaysian officials, Kim Jong-nam, the 45-year-old half-brother of Kim Jong-un, is dead. So far, the death is pretty suspicious and has been described as “sudden.” Wow. Honestly, who would want to be related to the North Korean leader? Stuff like this is bound to happen!

The reports indicate that there is an ongoing investigation into Kim Jong-nam’s passing and, really, the details do seem pretty sketchy. Apparently, he became ill at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and died shortly after. The Selangor State Criminal Investigations Department is handling the matter.


If there’s one job on Earth right now that I would NOT want, it would be to work for the Selangor State Criminal Investigations Department. Can you imagine how stressed they are? On the one hand, maybe Kim Jong-un didn’t kill his brother and wants to find those responsible for his death. You CAN’T fail in that situation. On the other hand, if he did have him killed, he’s going to want you to NEVER solve that crime. You can’t win!

Apparently, some people saw Kim Jong-nam being stabbed with “poisoned needles” by two unidentified women who may have fled the scene in a taxi. What in the world? That sounds awful! It also sounds like a scene from a movie. This is nuts!

Kim Jong-nam was known to be a bit of a playboy who enjoyed spending time at casinos and living a lavish lifestyle. He was notably absent from his father’s 2011 funeral, prompting many to speculate that he had been banished from North Korea.

There have been rumors about Kim Jong-un having various people, including his own uncle, executed during his time in power since he loves scaring people into submission. It wouldn’t be surprising, therefore, if Kim Jong-nam, had been targeted, especially since he had vocalized his disapproval of his brother’s behavior.

Hopefully, they will get to the bottom of this but, even if they do, what will really happen? Are we going to call in Team America: World Police to deal out some justice to Kim Jong-un? Unlikely. Especially, since Team America are puppets who don’t really exist but seeing them go up against North Korea in the movie was so much fun!

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