Busy Eugenie Bouchard Wins In Sports Illustrated, Lost Super Bowl Bet

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Have you ever done something really stupid in the heat of the moment? I know I have. Thankfully, I have known better than to accept a major bet based on the outcome of a sporting event, though. Apparently, it’s not a skill that tennis player Eugenie Bouchard has, but I bet she will be more careful moving forward.

(Hit the right arrow to see of the pics of Eugenie Bouchard from the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You don’t want to miss out on this complete set!)

The former Wimbledon finalist was just like many of us on Super Bowl Sunday. Glued to her TV, she was certain that the Atlanta Falcons would hold onto their lead and defeat the New England Patriots. After all, it would have taken a historic effort to come back from the 28-9 deficit, right?

During a Twitter exchange, an enterprising young man saw an opportunity and decided to take it. Seeing Bouchard’s confidence, a user with the handle @punslayintwoods said: “if patriots win we go on a date?”

Unbelievably, she said “sure”– wow!

As the night went on and the Patriots staged the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, the mystery man asked if she was getting nervous. Her reply? “um… kinda…”

The next morning, when the realization of everything set in, she tweeted a concerned-looking picture of herself along with the caption: “Omg… last night actually happened…”

We don’t know much about the guy who is going to wine and dine the pro athlete aside from the fact that he’s from Chicago and is attending school in Missouri. In true gentleman form, he did offer to have their date at a location of her choosing!

Despite any reasonable ambivalence, it looks like she’s actually going to keep her word! Talk about a dream come true! That guy must be freaking out! It would be cool if, after all of this, they actually ended up together. It’s like a reverse Cinderella story!

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