Nina Agdal Gets Teased About This Fantastic Asset

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You might look at a model like Nina Agdal on the pages of the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and think that she didn’t have to work hard to look so good but, really, she claims it was quite an effort. In fact, she had to work really hard to feel comfortable with one particular aspect of her body: her butt.

(To see all of pics of Nina Agdal from the Swimsuit Edition, hit the right arrow now. Or, if you prefer, check out other models who made the magazine such as Kate Upton and Hannah Davis Jeter!)

When discussing her preparation for the photoshoot, she revealed that her friends often tease her because of her ample derriere. She said: “Whenever I turn around, I’ll bump into stuff because I forget that it’s there.”

Oh gosh, me too but then I have a strawberry-filled donut and I feel so much better. She didn’t take my approach, of course. Instead, she really did everything she could to be at the top of her game when Sports Illustrated came calling.

She explained: “Sometimes less is more when it comes to workout routines. Also, just because you’re working out more doesn’t mean you can eat more. You can’t be like, ‘I worked out for two hours today, so I can have that slice of pizza.’”

A slice of pizza? After working out for two hours, some people might eat a whole pizza! Talk about having a lot of self-control!

So what works for her? A combination of yoga, athletic conditioning, and boxing among other things. She says she has to switch up the regimen often or else it’s not as effective.

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